OneStream XF Version 4.1.0 Highlights


OneStream XF further enhances corporate performance management with new features and updates in version 4.1.0, their newest release. This update significantly improves the OneStream XF platform by enhancing the Financial Model with new features, improving Calculation Performance and extending Cube Views. It gives financial end-users much sought after functionality. This article summarizes some of the top new features and updates included in this new version.

​Financial Model

Major enhancements to the financial model include support for monthly, weekly, 13-month and custom calendar Time. Additionally, Cubes can now perform weekly processing. Other updates improve the ability to review and analyze financial data including support for up to 24 Scenario Types.

As a result of this update, end-users have more power and flexibility to analyze and manage corporate performance.


Cube Views now have the ability to assign a Cube View Extender Business Rule or Inline Formula to any Cube View to customize report formatting. Report creators have more customizable features with an increased number of footer subtitles and fits.

Dashboards also benefit from this update. In addition to new chart types, 4 in total, version 4.1.0 adds more functionality for dashboards through a new parameter component and two new server task properties. One of the new server task properties allow Business Rules to launch on dashboard loads while the other allows execution of a single year custom calculation.

These new advanced chart types allow selectable legends. Examples of toggling the “Total Cash” account checkbox are below. Interacting with this feature is in real-time and users will not need to wait for pages to refresh.

Figure 1: XY2D Advanced Chart Example - Total Cash Selected

Figure 2: XY2D Advanced Chart Example - Total Cash Unselected

This new parameter component also gives chart types the capability to display specific locations on a geographical map as well as analysis of data plotted among multiple axes as seen in Figure 3 below.

Figure 3: Radar2D Advanced Chart Example – Product Sales by Region


In version 4.1.0 Dashboard DataSet Business Rules are able to customize Advanced Chart settings. The Time Dimensions node was added to the System Tab in order to configure a pre-defined or custom Time Dimension. Users are now allowed to apply custom Cube View formatting to any Cube View report. Single year custom calculations via a Dashboard Parameter Component Server task is also now allowed.

On the more technical side, four new APIs and three new args which provide the ability to use page state in the Dashboard Extender Business Rule was added. Users will also benefit from the improved calculation status performance and consolidation performance optimizations.

Final Thoughts

OneStream XF version 4.1.0 brings more flexibility and empowerment to users. OneStream considers this release a major release and I would agree. Version 4.1.0 is packed full of useful features and functionality that cannot be covered in one blog post. OneStream is actively developing their platform to be a serious contender in the Performance Management industry which means customers will have the most to gain.​