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The Benefits of Choosing a Platinum OneStream Implementation Partner

There is an unmistakable excitement when working with a fast-growing company. OneStream, our software partner company for delivering corporate performance management solutions to for Fortune 500 and enterprise companies, definitely qualifies.

Statistically, OneStream grew by 137 percent  year-over-year in software sales revenue and achieved record profitability. Anecdotally, we can sense the energy while interacting with each OneStream department during this growth phase.

The key to continuing this fast pace of growth is having the right OneStream implementation partners to help complete the software implementation process for each new client. Consider what you should look for in a platinum implementation partner to achieve continued success.

The Ideal Implementation Partner is Focused on OneStream

Seated at the front lines, implementation partners are key to OneStream’s growth. That means learning even more about the OneStream software, understanding new apps released in the OneStream XF Marketplace, and constantly gathering feedback from clients to support continual improvement.

The ideal implementation partner boils down to one word: commitment.

  • A commitment to scale personnel and resources for each implementation.
  • A commitment to dive head-first into each client’s business to understand their unique challenges.
  • A commitment to follow through with each client to ensure the client is using OneStream to support all business and financial activity.

The Ideal Implementation Partner Knows the Industries

We recognize that OneStream customers span multiple industries. A platinum-level implementation partner needs team members with the experience and knowledge of each industry’s accounting and financial needs to understand how to customize implementation.

Without this understanding, software implementation will take longer than needed, impacting the client’s ability to get back to business. Knowing the software and leveraging all of it’s  capabilities allows clients to maximize their investment.

That is why the ideal OneStream implementation partner has consultants and resources to walk side-by-side with each client to ensure a transformative experience.

The Ideal Implementation Partner Has Savvy Consultants

Consultants are the lifeblood of implementation. They are at the heart of the software implementation process helping to:

  • Answer specific questions and gather additional information.
  • Formulate a plan for complete implementation.
  • Help the client use each OneStream application.
  • Run through test scenarios in real-time.
  • Ensure that each user and stakeholder is equipped to perform tasks and view data.
  • Drive toward the goal of the client using OneStream for more than consolidations, financial reporting, and planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Essentially, consultants are savvy to the needs of each client and they have deep understanding of how the OneStream XF software can meet the client’s needs to ensure complete implementation.

Connect with HollandParker for OneStream Implementation

HollandParker is completely committed to OneStream XF software implementation. 100 percent of our business is OneStream, which means we have the flexibility and agility to quickly scale our team and resources for each project.

We view the relationship with OneStream as a two-way partnership and we want to be part of the company’s amazing growth.

Finally, we are proud of our team of consultants with vast industry knowledge and experience. They have CPA backgrounds, MBAs on their resumes, and deep technical and software expertise.

Stay in touch with our company. As a platinum-level OneStream implementation partner, we look forward to a continued partnership being part of the OneStream story.