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How to Assess the Client’s Needs Once They Purchase OneStream

The VP of Sales for OneStream has a very important role in the life cycle of OneStream XF software implementation for each new customer. 100% Customer Success and maximized value of the unified platform.

For each customer, a clear roadmap — or gameplan — is required to deliver a successful implementation, and maximize the value of the entire investment.

Stay Focused on the Goal for Each OneStream User

Each new OneStream customer has different goals. Some customers are migrating to OneStream XF software for Consolidations first. For others, implementing Planning & Budgeting is a priority.

Ultimately, the goal is for each customer to implement the entire software platform. However, if your team tries to start with the least important function, you could end up with pushback and a lost opportunity to support Phase 2 of implementation or later upgrades.

Include the Most Relevant Apps in Your Gameplan

The gameplan should include an assessment of which Apps in the XF Marketplace best support the primary functions of each customer.

If the customer needs Consolidations support first, then evaluate which Apps best support that function. Then, plan for your team to introduce additional Apps at a later time.

Since many customers are leaving Excel spreadsheets or legacy/outdated software platforms, the XF Marketplace is a new world for OneStream end-users, stakeholders, and decision-makers in the company.

Many customers are accustomed to needing several pieces of software or a combination of spreadsheets and legacy software to perform the functions available in the unified OneStream XF software suite. Make sure your team starts small and builds toward introducing additional Apps as needed.

Stay in Touch About OneStream Implementation Support

Our consulting firm is a proud Platinum-level OneStream implementation partner.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with each OneStream department and key decision-makers. Keep in touch with our company to find out how we can act as a consultant for your gameplan and support OneStream XF software implementation.