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Why OneStream Sales Reps Trust HollandParker

Later this month, more than 1,200 attendees are expected to descend on New Orleans for the SPLASH 2019 conference. This gathering of OneStream staff, customers, and partners represents a milestone for the company celebrating amazing year-over-year growth for the company.Why OneStream Sales Reps Trust HollandParker 1

HollandParker is sponsoring the hands-on workshops during SPLASH. Also, our employees are also hosting several breakout sessions covering critical OneStream XF software topics for customers and end-users.

With OneStream garnering incredible attention in the business world this year, we are proud to stand alongside OneStream as a platinum-level software implementation partner of their CPM solution.

Our positioning is due to the trust we have established with OneStream teams, especially Sales Managers, and our consistent execution of implementation for each new customer.

Trust is Key to Mutual Success in OneStream XF Implementation

We consider trust to be the most important element of our growing relationship with OneStream. Similar to a quarterback handing the ball off to a running back or throwing the football to a wide receiver, the QB has to trust that the RB won’t fumble after the hand-off or the WR will catch the ball when thrown his direction.

Our team has worked with OneStream for many years to develop that level of trust. We have a rhythm and cadence to each hand-off from OneStream to our teams for software implementation:

  • We ensure that each new OneStream customer is handled with care and respect.
  • Questions are confidently addressed.
  • Implementation projects are executed on-time and within the budget.
  • Users are equipped to utilize OneStream XF software for their desired purposes.
  • Customers achieve the transformative results promised by OneStream.

Another element of trust is that when we work with a new customer, we will not try selling other products from competitors. Our company’s complete focus is on OneStream.

For example, if a customer is seeking a specific function for financial reporting, accounting, or reporting, we will look to the OneStream XF MarketPlace to find a relevant solution to support the customer, not an external software option.

Capabilities to Execute OneStream Software Implementation

Another critical element of why OneStream sales reps trust HollandParker is that we deliver 100 percent satisfaction for new OneStream customers through our software implementation support.

  • Our teams have the product know-how — as evidenced by our employees hosting breakout sessions during SPLASH 2019.
  • Our employees have the ideal industry, financial, and accounting experience to answer customer specific and technical questions.
  • We know the legacy systems such as Oracle or Excel spreadsheets from which customers are migrating.
  • We have the technical expertise to support OneStream XF deployment in the cloud, hosted, or on-premise.

We built our CPM business consulting firm to have the flexibility, agility, and expertise to execute OneStream XF software implementation for each new customer with the same level of care every time.

Our track record of success has positioned our company to be viewed as a trustworthy and capable software implementation partner.

Ultimately, we ensure that OneStream sales reps are confident in their hand-off to an implementation partner who will execute the plan and deliver the results that all parties are looking for.

Make the OneStream XF Handoff to HollandParker

After completing a sale to a new OneStream customer, sales reps should immediately think of HollandParker. We are confident in our ability to support software implementation for companies in various industries.

Contact HollandParker to discuss your next OneStream sale. We will provide the ideal support to advance your customer to complete OneStream XF implementation.