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Make the Transition from SAP to OneStream for a Unified CPM

Thousands of enterprise customers and Fortune 500 companies rely on SAP every day to support critical business processes. Unfortunately, SAP will soon be forcing customers to choose a fork in the road for their Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution.

SAP is investing heavily in their next-generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, S/4 HANA. The cost is, not enough emphasis on CPM support.

Customers who currently use SAP BPC, BFC, or other legacy CPM solutions should be aware of the upcoming decision:

  • SAP will be winding down maintenance and support for SAP BPC and BFC in 2024.
  • SAP BPC customers wishing to upgrade to a supported CPM solution face a costly headache of transitioning to SAP Planning Analytics Cloud and/or SAP Group Reporting.
  • SAP will have separate applications for Planning and Consolidations.

As you can see, the fork in the road to stay with SAP for CPM support is disruptive, costly, confusing, and time-consuming. In today’s modern business world, enterprise companies need solutions that work for them to stay ahead of the competition.

That’s why we recommend that SAP customers transition to OneStream for a unified, modern CPM solution.

Why SAP to OneStream for Modern Business?

OneStream is the proven alternative to legacy CPM applications such as SAP BPC. The OneStream XF SmartCPM™ platform unifies and simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics, and financial data quality for large, global companies.

Instead of forcing multiple applications to talk to each other, the OneStream XF software unifies all of your business’ critical financial, accounting, and business processes in one platform.

  • Increase agility for financial planning, reporting, and analysis.
  • Respond quickly to rapidly-changing business environments.
  • Automate and accelerate data integration, consolidation, reporting, planning, and analysis.
  • Utilize the OneStream XF MarketPlace to accelerate delivery of new applications and insights.

Deployed via the cloud or on-premise, OneStream provides customers with a choice regarding their deployment model. Customers can deploy OneStream in the cloud today, or deploy the platform on-premise, then migrate to the cloud at the appropriate time for your company.

How Does OneStream Integrate with SAP ERP?

OneStream uses an integrated Financial Data Quality engine that provides seamless integration with multiple platforms such as SAP ERP and other systems. Included are drill-through capabilities to transactional details for more accurate recording and more reliable reporting.

The result is the opportunity to leverage OneStream’s unified platform to directly connect with SAP HANA and streamline financial consolidation, budgeting, planning, and analysis.

SAP customers who have already made the transition to OneStream have said that OneStream integrates with SAP ERP better than SAP’s own CPM solutions.

Because OneStream can integrate with and map disparate data sources and charts of accounts, it provides a consistent platform for financial consolidation, reporting, planning, and analysis – before, during, and after the migration to SAP’s next-generation S/4 HANA ERP solution.

OneStream also addresses the ongoing challenge that many organizations face in integrating data from non-SAP systems that will inevitably exist at subsidiaries or acquired companies.

Find Out More About Transitioning from SAP to OneStream

Don’t wait for SAP to force you to choose a CPM path. Make a proactive choice to transition from SAP’s legacy and fragmented CPM solutions to OneStream to take advantage of their unified platform.

As a Platinum OneStream software implementation partner, we are equipped to help enterprise companies make the transition to the OneStream platform. Consider these two options to prepare your global entity for the ideal CPM solution:

– Take this free SAP Conversion Assessment on the OneStream website.

Contact HollandParker directly to talk to our team about your current and long-term CPM needs. Our CPM consulting firm can help you assess next steps to modernize accounting, financial, and business processes using the OneStream platform.