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OneStream Earns Perfect Score in Dresner Advisory Services Study

OneStream continues to be recognized as the leading provider of a modern, unified software platform for CPM/EPM that meets the needs of today’s global businesses.

Notably, the OneStream XF platform achieved a perfect score in the “Wisdom of Crowds” Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Market Study released by Dresner Advisory Services.

OneStream Delivers on Customer Service and Product Delivery

OneStream registered a 5 out of 5 score in the market study due to the software provider’s scores in Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models.

These two models are designed to capture each software provider’s ability to deliver on sales, value, product, and technical support. The perfect score indicates OneStream is succeeding in their mission to deliver a robust software solution that puts the customer first.

“In 2019, OneStream remains consistently above the overall sample for all measures and is an Overall Leader in the Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models. It is best in class for a number of measures in sales, value, and product. It has a perfect recommend score,” said Howard Dresner, Founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Service.

“This speaks to our focus on organic development of a complete and unified CPM platform that eliminates complex integrations allowing enterprises to streamline finance processes, enhance business insights, and digitally transform the Office of Finance for competitive advantage,” said Tom Shea, CEO, OneStream Software.

Who Was Surveyed in the Dresner Advisory Services Study?

One of the most impressive aspects of the perfect score is that the study took into account every level of surveyed organizations.

According to the survey announcement, Dresner Advisory Services’ “Wisdom of Crowds” research is “based on data collected on usage and deployment trends, products, and vendors. Users in all roles and throughout all industries contributed to provide a complete view of realities, plans, and perceptions of the market.”

OneStream’s ability to deliver value for executives, managers, users, and stakeholders speaks to the company’s thoughtful approach to software delivery.

The market study confirms that OneStream’s strategy has effectively positioned the company to address the advanced planning and performance management requirements of today’s global enterprises.


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