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Which OneStream Deployment Option is Right for Your Company?

Many legacy corporate performance management (CPM) software providers have taken away options for customers to use their software solutions. This has created headaches for IT professionals in global corporations trying to balance the deployment needs of their business units spread across the globe.

IT managers should have more than one option to deploy software that supports accounting, finance, and business functionality. While legacy software providers such as Oracle have taken away options by forcing cloud migration, OneStream has taken the exact opposite approach of creating multiple deployment options.

OneStream was founded on the principle that customers should have options. Keeping options open allows your company to have autonomy to use the software in a way that best fits your company’s cost structure, technological set-up, and user populations.

OneStream Works With You to Identify Best Deployment Option

The OneStream XF software solution is flexible and fits within the roadmap of your company’s business plans. OneStream XF can be deployed on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud. These options allows IT managers to balance performance, scalability, and cost.

On-Premise or Hosted Deployment Option: The software can be deployed in an on-premise data center and then seemlessly migrated to the cloud when your organization is ready. Alternatively, you can keep the software on-premise for as long as you use the software while still receiving enhancements, updates, and support. Updates and upgrades take hours, not weeks, regardless of the deployment option you choose.

Cloud Deployment Option: OneStream offers full Managed Cloud Services that acts as a supplement to your IT team. Specifically, OneStream cares for and feeds the application environment. Included is server maintenance, upgrades (on your schedule), database restoration, and application maintenance when needed.

You also have the option to increase resources when needed or decrease resources as you see fit in order to achieve cost efficiencies. The goal is for your company to only pay for what you need and use through a perpetual or subscription pricing model.

Additional Benefits of OneStream For IT Managers

OneStream also emphasizes availability and security for your company. Back-ups to the minute reduce downtime, therefore reducing the risk of interference with accounting or financial processes.

The unified OneStream XF software platform also reduces system maintenance. A unified approach streamlines the process of managing the data, freeing up more time and resources to address other pressing matters as an IT manager.

In today’s modern business, your company should be utilizing a software solution that keeps your organization ahead of a constantly changing landscape. Don’t be stuck with one way of doing business with limited options for software deployment. Choose a software solution that works with you, not against you.

To find out more about the right OneStream deployment option for your organization, contact our team today. As a Platinum level OneStream implementation partner, we can help you find the most value for on-premise, hosted, or cloud software deployment.