What Are Your Options for Enterprise Financial Software in 2020?

CFOs, VPs of Financial Planning and Analysis, and Financial Accounting executives need to think bigger about their options for enterprise financial software.

For many global corporations, you may feel trapped in legacy or outdated software platforms that do not integrate with other software your team utilizes on a daily basis.

Instead of gaining insight into financial performance or speeding up the financial close process, your team is constantly trying to find workarounds to simply complete the close cycle.

Plus, you may be concerned about the integrity of the data coming from multiple subsidiaries or entities because of the number of steps required to complete financial consolidation with your current process.

So, when you are thinking about your software options for 2020 and beyond, consider a unified, modern platform such as OneStream to execute financial close and consolidations, plus provide advanced insight into financial performance.

The result is more accuracy, more credibility, and a louder voice in the room to help guide decision-making for the entire organization.

OneStream: The Best Option for a Modern Software Platform

Financial executives need to be thinking about OneStream as the ideal software option to support financial close and consolidations, financial reporting and analysis, and financial data quality.

Why? OneStream is the proven alternative to legacy financial software platforms, offering simplification and reliability for global enterprises.

Why OneStream for Financial Close & Consolidations?

Financial teams are empowered to streamline the financial close and consolidation process pulling data from each business unit in your organization.

  • Automate data loading, reconciliation, and reporting.
  • Close faster with pre-and post load validations.
  • Immediately identify errors.
  • Quickly resolve data quality issues.

Why OneStream for Financial Reporting & Analysis?

What if you could reduce the amount of time required for financial reporting and increase the reliability of the financial reports, plus gain deeper insight into the reports to perform critical analysis? OneStream makes it happen.

  • Reduction in time and cost to deliver timely and accurate information.
  • Perform ongoing data analysis as your business changes.
  • Drill backs into the source of financial data from each business unit.
  • Multiple financial views through custom dashboards for each user or stakeholder.

Why OneStream for Financial Data Quality?

When you absolutely need to have the right data presented in the right format to shareholders, the C-Suite, and third-party stakeholders, you need to be able to rely on the accuracy of the data.

  • Perform pre and post-data loading validations and confirmations.
  • Simplify data integration with other platforms used in your organization.
  • Increase transparency through audit trails for data.
  • Improve process change visibility from report to source.

The Time is Now to Review Your Options for Financial Software

The role of the financial executive is advancing in today’s modern business environment. Businesses need more actionable insight into financial performance to drive decision-making on a global scale.

Your current options for enterprise financial software may limit your ability to provide this insight and move the organization forward. That’s why it’s time to pursue a modern option for enterprise financial software delivered through OneStream.

As a Platinum software implementation partner of OneStream, we have worked closely with numerous enterprise companies to migrate from outdated, legacy software platforms to OneStream. The results are evident:

  • Days of time savings for quarterly close.
  • Consistent, stable allocation process.
  • Accelerated analysis of financial performance.
  • Increased confidence in the integrity of the financial results.
  • Transparency and ownership of data throughout the organization.

When you are ready to review your financial software options, contact our company. We would appreciate the opportunity to assess your current challenges, needs, and goals.

We can then strategize migration to OneStream to ensure that your team is capable of executing financial processes required in today’s business environment and that your voice grows louder in the room supporting the direction of your organization.