OneStream Software

The OneStream XF Corporate Performance Management Platform quickly and easily aligns to your business changes. It leverages core financial consolidation, planning, data quality and financial reporting capabilities. Holland Parker has helped clients use OneStream Software to eliminate the need to support multiple products, applications, and modules. This has resulted in reduced financial system maintenance costs and increasing their ROI.

OneStream XF Unified CPM Platform

True Statutory Reporting Requirements

Automated Intercompany Eliminations

  • Automatic IC eliminations at the first common parent for all hierarchies without complex rules
  • Eliminations never disappear at the first common parent and can always be viewed up the consolidation process
  • Out of the box segment reporting as direct and indirect eliminations are captured by our Origin dimension
  • Each intercompany party and counterparty simultaneously views local, counterparty and reporting currencies to instantly collaborate and resolve IC discrepancies
  • Corporate can always see resolution state with pre-built intercompany reports that provide visibility to IC status
  • One set of data drives multiple GAAP reporting formats
  • True node level entity adjustments to specific hierarchies
  • Provide a walk between accounting standards to highlight specific statutory adjustments
  • Origin dimension tracks how all data gets loaded and means we never have to turn off cell level audit controls
  • Easily handle complex ownership and equity pickup with packaged functionality

Real FX Impact of Currency

  • Identify and report on new cash flow and profitability sources by corporate, division, customer, product, region or channel
  • Auto deliver Currency Translation by Account
  • Automated settings for historical dollar overrides
  • Supports detailed cash flow schedules
  • Forecast cash with our pre-built Cash Planning solution

Dedicated Flow Dimension

  • Origin dimension tracks how data was provided to the system with members for imported, forms (manual), adjustments (journals), and eliminations
  • Adjustments and eliminations never disappear and are visible at every level of the consolidation
  • Research any question in seconds with powerful change controls and visibility
  • Audit from 10K/10Q all the way back to transactions with true drill back and drill through
  • Process transparency on who did what, when, where and how

Guided Workflows

  • Identify and correct errors quicker with a standard process for pre-load mapping and intersection validation
  • Ensure data quality, completeness and confidence with powerful post-load data confirmation rules
  • Protect users from complexity by spoon feeding the right processes and reports at the right time
  • Shorten close with 100% traceability from report to source to immediately answer any data quality question in seconds

Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning

  • View, manage and compare actual vs. budget instantly in one application
  • Eliminate the need to build, maintain and support multiple products and applications.
  • Move data between scenarios easily and quickly to begin budget process
  • Automatically populate rolling forecasts with actuals as soon as actuals are certified
  • Maintain one metadata repository that supports all scenarios
  • Version controls provide a walk through from version to version to see where and how the budget evolved
  • OneStream XF MarketPlace Solutions
    • People Planning
    • Capex Planning
    • Cash Planning
    • Thing Planning (think anything)
    • All are free downloadable solutions

OneStream XF Cloud

  • OneStream certified environments
  • 95% Uptime
  • Complete server redundancy
  • Easily support multiple environments
  • Built for virtualization
  • 64 Bit, in-memory application
  • Zero latency memory synchronization
  • Stateless server technology
  • Multicore optimized
  • Ability to scale out and up
  • Resize environment in minutes