Technology to Deliver Reliable Data

Having the right technology in place is critical to enable communication and collaboration between existing business processes. This requires the right architecture, optimization, and integration of legacy systems. Once systems are in place, your team can extract, cleanse, and transform data to make informed business decisions.

Our approach is to assess and evaluate your existing systems to determine viability, then develop an optimal configuration (on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud) to maximize performance, scalability, and cost. Fortunately, OneStream makes it easy to interchange each configuration for your specific need.

When integrating systems, we offer direct connection to OneStream XF from your ERP systems, we schedule flat file uploads from other sources and Excel, and we set up drill back capability to get to the source data.

While we realize that each client is unique, we emphasize that we have completed hundreds of direct connections from most existing ERP systems to OneStream.

  • Source System Direct Connection and Pull Integration
  • Drill-back to Source and Transactional Systems
  • Downstream System Integration
  • Data Loader Process Flow and Experience
  • Triangulation Accelerator
  • Master Data Governance
  • Infrastructure Tuning and Optimization
  • Environment Architecture Strategy and Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Hosting and Cloud Strategy
  • Virtualization versus Physical Analysis and Strategy
  • Data architecture, quality, maintenance and security
  • Metadata quality, maintenance and governance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Migrating data between products
  • Data policies