Proprietary Technology

Holland Parker has developed Texo, a technology framework built to connect business processes and improve overall efficiency and data management. Texo works with your existing technology by connecting your systems so that several processes can be integrated into one. Inefficiencies and redundant processes are eliminated while saving your company valuable time and money.

Using our business process methodology enables us to match the best technology to your business needs. Our technology-related services include the following:

  • Data architecture
  • Data quality
  • Data maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Migrating data between products
  • Data policies
  • Utilization of products such as Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Warehouse Builder, and Informatica.

In addition to Texo, the Holland Parker team has extensive experience with the following solutions:

Corporate Performance Management

Our team is highly skilled at analyzing a company’s current processes and recommending modifications to improve overall efficiency. We find the most dramatic improvements occur when we enable process improvements by integrating technology solutions. We are skilled at:

  • Hyperion Planning is a budgeting and forecasting solution integrating financial and operational planning processes and improving business predictability.
  • Hyperion Financial Management delivers global financial consolidation, reporting, and analysis in a highly scalable software solution.
  • Hyperion Essbase is an online analytical processing (OLAP) server, allowing the development of custom analytic and Corporate Performance Management applications.
  • Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management helps develop standardized financial data management processes with its Web-based guided workflow user interface.
  • Hyperion Data Relationship Management is a data model-agnostic master data management solution that enables financial and analytical master data management in fast-changing business environments.


Oracle Fusion Middleware maximizes IT efficiency by allowing enterprises to create intelligent business applications and make full use modern hardware and software architecture.

  • Oracle Data Integrator’s next-generation, Extract Load and Transform (E-LT) technology works across heterogeneous systems to improve performance and reduce data integration costs.
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality offers a comprehensive, best-of-breed approach to customer and product data, resulting in trustworthy master data that integrates with applications to improve business insight.

Business Intelligence

Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not the only, source of competitive advantage. – Peter F. Drucker

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite provides comprehensive capabilities for business intelligence on an integrated platform. It includes enterprise reporting , ad-hoc analysis, dashboards, scorecards, and multi-dimensional OLAP.

Oracle Proficiency

  • The number of complex, large-scale Oracle implementations we have managed, sometimes involving very new versions of Oracle software.
  • Companies frequently turning to us when a current development project is not moving forward as planned.
  • Our consultants being selected to make presentations at Open World, Kaleidoscope, Collaborate, and Connection Point. We have also co-presented case studies with Oracle product managers.
  • To facilitate adoption by users and reduce training requirements, we work to keep your current business processes unchanged wherever possible.
  • If members of your own team will be working with us, we make sure that they are used in areas where they can be most effective.

Flexible training and support options.

  • We work from the outset to help your technical staff and other stakeholders understand how newly designed solutions will function. We are also skilled at designing and conducting formal training as needed. In addition, we can tailor support options to your specific requirements.

Wide-ranging industry experience

  • We have worked for a number of companies in the manufacturing, oil & gas, and finance industries. Other clients have come from a variety of sectors, including retail, transportation, health care, real estate, food services, and education.

Work has included:

  • Combining component subsystems into one system and ensuring that they function together.
  • Bridging the gap in system communication – using custom coding for seamless integration
  • Leaving clients with exactly what they need to manage their new systems, including documentation, specialized training, or a combination of the two.
  • Information Management, e.g. solutions that draw data from disparate sources into a single target and then export it in a format familiar to users.