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What’s The Effect of Strategic Management on Corporate Performance?

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There are hundreds of management books in today’s marketplace that talk about strategic management. While these books are helpful to think philosophically about managing resources in global organizations, they don’t always provide practical information on how strategic management affects corporate performance. After all, your organization is different than every other organization in the world. You…

3 Tips to Improve Corporate Performance Forecast Accuracy

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Accurate forecasting creates many benefits for global organizations such as better allocation of resources, more accurate budgets for future periods, anticipating changes in the market, and maintaining a competitive advantage. However, building more accurate forecasting models is oftentimes placed on the backburner. Nearly every organization is thinking about how to optimize their forecasts, but for…

Familiar With Data Storage in Essbase? Try OneStream Instead

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Most business leaders in global organizations have familiarity with Oracle Essbase. This enterprise performance management (EPM) platform has been around for some time as an option for financial reporting, planning, and budgeting. If you’re really familiar with Oracle Essbase, then you may have knowledge of the data storage properties in Essbase. Included are several properties…

The Impact of MIS on Corporate Performance

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Management Information Systems (MIS) is now in the sixth era of cloud computing. We’ve come a long way since mainframes were introduced decades ago. However, this transition to cloud computing still has hiccups with global organizations trying to integrate several different aspects of MIS — whether enterprise resource planning, financial accounting systems, business intelligence, and…

HollandParker se expande a México para apoyar la implementación de OneStream


Decidimos colocar un equipo en México que apoyará proyectos internacionales de implementación de OneStream XF Software. La decisión se alinea con el rápido crecimiento de OneStream para entregar su solución unificada y moderna de gestión del rendimiento corporativo (CPM) a las compañías globales. Para apoyar cada proyecto de implementación de software, nuestra firma de consultoría…