OneStream customer reviews rank HollandParker as #1 for FCCR software solutions

OneStream Customer Reviews: The Clear Answer For FCCR Software Solutions

In today’s fast-paced global business landscape, organizations need access to the best software tools to support critical financial functions such as financial consolidation, close management, and financial reporting (FCCR).

That’s why organizations are looking for the best financial consolidation and close management software solutions available in the market. There is a clear need to create efficiencies, unify processes, and automate routine tasks each reporting period, which will free up financial leaders to spend more time on value-added activities.

Fortunately, the answer is clear. The OneStream intelligent finance platform recently received the highest rating amongst all vendors in a study of FCCR solutions.

The ranking was based on real OneStream customer reviews as part of the 2021 Wisdom of Crowds® Financial Close, Consolidation, and Reporting Market Study by Dresner Advisory Services.

How OneStream Earned the #1 Ranking for FCCR Solutions

The inaugural FCCR market study included a comprehensive examination of vendors that offer FCCR solutions:

  • Each FCCR vendor was evaluated on 33 criteria.
  • Five scoring categories were identified: Financial Consolidation, Close Management, Financial Reporting, Architecture, and Total Score.
  • Results were based 100% on customer surveys.
  • Dresner considered results across geographies, organization size, and verticals.

OneStream separated itself from other vendors in the market because the platform unifies critical financial processes and is built to conquer complexity. By using OneStream, organizations have the tools they need to shorten the financial close, accelerate reporting cycles, increase visibility into financial metrics, and make more informed decisions.

“Congratulations to OneStream for their strong performance across all categories of FCCR software in our inaugural examination of this critical market,” said Howard Dresner, Founder and Chief Research Officer of Dresner Advisory Services.

“We remain committed in our mission of delivering 100 percent customer success,” said Craig Colby, president of OneStream. “This ranking is a testament to the efficiency, insights, and value customers obtain from using OneStream.”

A Holistic Solution to Unify FCCR Functions

OneStream delivers a holistic solution to support the FCCR needs of global organizations. The platform is designed to scale with your organization to support critical financial functions continually. Consider how this applies to the individual pieces of financial consolidation, close management, and financial reporting.

  • Financial Consolidation: Replace Excel spreadsheets or legacy/standalone financial consolidation software with a modern, unified platform with built-in financial intelligence.
  • Close Management: Automate data loading and reconciliations so that you can close faster through pre-and post-load validations. Plus, immediately identify errors and quickly resolve data quality issues.
  • Financial Reporting: Increase confidence across the enterprise by delivering accurate and complete financial reports to management. Tap into the opportunity to use reporting as a tool to provide financial insights that can be used for decision-making.

Migrate to OneStream to Support Finance

It’s not enough in today’s business landscape to simply complete the financial close and produce reports. Speed is critical because organizational leaders need access to financial information and insights to make decisions that affect the organization’s health.

If your organization is struggling to produce financial reports in a timely fashion and deliver key financial information to leaders each reporting period, then it’s time to consider an FCCR solution that will help you lead at speed.

The OneStream customer reviews cited in the Dresner study have made it clear that OneStream is the answer. As a Diamond OneStream Implementation partner, we can lead your organization’s migration to OneStream.

Whether you currently use spreadsheets, legacy software, or multiple pieces of software, we have a solution for you. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can support your organization’s journey to realizing the benefits of the #1 FCCR solution on the market!

OneStream Customer Reviews: The Clear Answer For FCCR Software Solutions 1