New to 11.1.2 – Advanced Calculations in ASO Essbase Applications

Custom calculations and allocations are created using mdx and can only target level 0 data. The scripts can be executed using Maxl or Calculation Manager. Prior to 11.1.2 this was accomplished with a BSO cube with partitions or member formulas in an ASO outline.
Custom calculations workflow:
  • Create calculation script
  • Create run time script using MAXL
  • Select POV and Target
  • Define debit and credit members (optional)
  • Define offsetting entries (optional)
  • Execute calculation
POV – focused region for calculation to run
Calculation Script – formulas
Target – location where the results are written
Offset – location where offset values should be written
Credit/Debit Members – location where debit and credits are written
Source – members used to define formulasASO Allocations

  • Used to distribute revenues and cost
  • Allocate data proportionately
  • Allocate data evenly
  • Criteria similar to ASO calculations
  •  ASO Allocations – Criteria
  • POV – focused region for calculation to run
  • Range – focused region where the allocated values are written
  • Excluded Range – region where allocated values should not be written
  • Amount – amount to be allocated
  • Amount Time Span – One or more time periods to be considered for the amount
  • Basis – Combined with the range determines location basis to how to allocated the amount
  • Target – where allocation values are written
  • Allocation Method – Share and Spread based on basis amount
  • Spread Skip Options – #MISSING, zero or negative
  • Rounding Method – discard or allocate to greatest allocated value, lowest allocated value or specified location