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Customer Success: How We Help Enterprise Companies Get the Most Out of OneStream

Simplicity. Organization. Streamlined processes. These are just three of the many benefits of migrating to the OneStream XF software platform to better manage critical accounting and financial processes for enterprise companies.

Unfortunately, not every enterprise company has experienced these and other benefits since migrating to OneStream XF.

The common issues that we have seen are not because of the software. Instead, issues are typically sourced in the initial implementation phase or the ongoing support phase.

– In the implementation phase, your teams may not have fully understood how to use the software. Perhaps there was a lack of training, time, or expertise from your initial implementation partner.

– In the ongoing phase, your teams may still be relying on former ways of performing tasks. Perhaps there was a lack of follow-up or support from the implementation partner to use OneStream XF in the way it’s designed.

What Separates HollandParker as a Platinum Implementation Partner

HollandParker is proud of our multi-step methodology to support OneStream XF software implementation for each enterprise company we work with.

Our deliberate approach ensures that we do not advance to the next step of implementation until each user or stakeholder is onboard. There’s no sense in rapidly advancing through implementation to cut corners upfront when it will cause headaches or frustration down the road.

Then, after implementation is complete, we continue to work with each enterprise customer to ensure a productive experience using the software.

Because our company is 100 percent dedicated to OneStream implementation, we are readily available to support follow-up concerns, Phase 2 of implementation, and software updates.

Customer Success: Consider Dril-Quip

Dril-Quip is a publicly-traded oilfield services company with multiple business segments spread across the globe. Our team of HollandParker consultants worked with the Dril-Quip financial team to support the migration from Excel spreadsheets to OneStream.

Specifically, the financial team needed to unify and streamline their financial consolidations, reporting, budgeting, planning, and forecasting.

Following implementation and our ongoing support, Dril-Quip experienced the following results getting the most out of the OneStream XF software platform:

  • Close cycle reduced to 3 days.
  • Inventory recapture reduced from days to minutes.
  • FP&A team saved 60 days annually.
  • Annual budgeting moved up to 4th quarter due to reliable forecasting.

Dril-Quip was able to realize the benefits of simple, organized, and streamlined processes to support their necessary accounting and financial reporting functions. We are proud that our team of consultants was able to provide the support their teams needed to find success using OneStream software.

If your enterprise company has not seen similar results since migrating to OneStream XF, consider contacting us to discuss your position. We would appreciate the opportunity to help you realize the benefits of utilizing OneStream XF software through the HollandParker success approach.

Contact HollandParker today to let us know how we can support your enterprise company.