Grow Your Business | Utilize Our OneStream Implementation Process

Streamlined Financial Processes and Analysis

We lead Fortune 500 and enterprise companies through the process of transitioning to OneStream XF software for Consolidations, Planning & Budgeting, and Reporting & Analytics.

Many of our clients migrate to OneStream from Excel spreadsheets or legacy/outdated CPM platforms. We smooth out the process by helping complete full system implementation, application re-designs, and integration with legacy systems.

  • Scope and Design
    Our experienced team of software consultants will understand the project scope, ask questions about your financial goals, assess your greatest need for Planning, Account Reconciliations, Consolidations, and/or Budgeting & Forecasting, and create a gameplan for implementation.
  • Assess Deployment Options
    OneStream offers flexibility to deploy the OneStream XF software through three options: on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud. We help you determine the balance of performance, scalability, and cost to optimize delivery.
  • Build and Test
    At this point, the Holland Parker team begins building and testing the software. During this phase, we involve your team in build demonstrations, conference room pilots and status meetings at key milestone checkpoints during the process.
  • Training
    Stakeholders and users will have the opportunity to work with OneStream XF software in a hands-on environment, learn the new processes, understand day-to-day actions, produce sample reports, and ask our team questions.
  • Go-Live
    We will help complete the software transition and hand over OneStream responsibility to your team. We will also determine the level of support required for the next phase of OneStream XF MarketPlace Application implementation.
  • Post Implementation Support
    We will remain in communication with your team to ensure OneStream usability to streamline your processes and grow your business. We will also prepare your team for the next phase of implementation.