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What Does Successful OneStream Implementation Look Like for the OS Consulting Team?

Stakeholders in global enterprise companies know they need to find a better way to support accounting, finance, and business decision-making. They know there has to be a better way than manual-entry Excel spreadsheets or outdated, legacy, and fragmented software tools.

What stakeholders need to know is that OneStream understands the full scope of their company’s situation and needs. This requires the OneStream consulting team to dig beneath the surface, ask a few more questions, and propose a few more solutions.

Taking a picture of the full problem is the starting point of successful OneStream XF software implementation for global entities that require a unified software platform to be successful in the modern business environment.

Identify The Most Pressing Needs for a OneStream Customer

OneStream consultants have a unique opportunity to meet a potential customer at the frontline of their organizational problems with accounting, finance, or business processes.

Before successful OneStream implementation even happens, consultants can gather valuable information that will be used throughout the implementation project. The key is identifying the most pressing need to address on the first step of the customer’s journey.

For some companies, the most pressing need is financial close and consolidations. For others, it’s planning, budgeting, and forecasting. There may be other companies with a unique need that doesn’t fit into a neat category.

Once you identify the most pressing need, dig deeper into the issues surrounding the need. Find out more about business units, the teams impacted by the primary issue, the amount of time or revenue lost from the issue, and other important information.

Identifying the primary need and the issues surrounding this need will open the door for follow-up conversations about secondary needs.

Don’t Settle for a OneStream Customer’s Primary Need

Unlocking the door of the most pressing need should reveal even more needs in the organization. An “oh by the way” comment from a potential OneStream customer could reveal a tremendous amount of insight into secondary issues that are tied to overall internal frustrations.

For example, a customer’s primary need is financial consolidations support to meet SEC reporting requirements. But, a secondary need for budgeting support reveals internal frustration over constant errors and wasted time validating data in Excel spreadsheets.

Another secondary issue could be frustration over the inability to integrate data with other software such as HR or ERP platforms.

Peeling back the layers by attacking the secondary need can reveal larger internal issues that need to be considered when determining the roadmap for a OneStream software implementation.

Help Design a Plan for Software Implementation

OneStream consultants should be thinking bigger about software implementation for a potential customer. Instead of just handing over details about primary and secondary needs to the sales team, set the stage for what successful implementation would look like.

  • Identify how the capabilities of the OneStream XF software platform match up with the customer’s needs.
  • Propose a plan for Phase 1, Phase 2, and possibly Phase 3 of implementation to address primary and secondary needs, respectively.
  • Highlight key internal issues or frustrations with the current CPM software, lack of integration with other platforms, or use of Excel spreadsheets.

Overall, OneStream consultants should be forward-thinking about using the information gathered to accelerate the implementation process for a new customer.

Consider HollandParker as a Software Implementation Partner

Our CPM consulting firm appreciates the relationships we have with OneStream consultants. As a Platinum OneStream implementation partner, we are capable of working with each new OneStream customer to support the full scope of an implementation project.

Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver successful OneStream implementation for a new customer you’re talking to.

We can use the gathered information to help strategize the right plan of action for the customer to realize the full benefits of the OneStream XF software platform to address their accounting, finance, and business needs.