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What Separates Our OneStream Software Implementation?

People. Process. Pathway. HollandParker is fully capable of supporting OneStream XF software implementation for each new OneStream customer.

We have the people — CPAs, MBAs, IT specialists, industry-savvy consultants, and senior leaders who have experience in the trenches in organizations.

We have the process — scope and design, assess deployment options, build and test, provide training, Go-Live, and post-implementation support.

We have the pathway — close and consolidations, planning and forecasting, financial reporting, and systems integration.

We put all three together to consistently and reliably implement the OneStream XF software platform for small to medium size organizations as well as global organizations at the enterprise level. Our implementation approach is what separates us as a partner.

The People That Support OneStream Software Implementation

We proudly boast a roster of experienced managers, executives, consultants, CPAs, and MBAs that have intricate knowledge of corporate performance management (CPM) software solutions.

Our team understands the unique challenges of utilizing a CPM solution such as OneStream to execute critical accounting, financial, and business tasks.

During our interactions with customers, our savvy team can read each situation, tackle tough questions, and identify solutions to common issues.

Once our team and the customer arrive at a place of common understanding, we follow through on our process to support complete software implementation.

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The Process That Supports OneStream Software Implementation

We follow a detailed and proven process for OneStream software implementation. What separates our process is the team executing and delivering a successful implementation, on time and under budget.

Because our CPM consulting firm only implements OneStream software, our entire team is fully capable of supporting the implementation process. We do not send junior consultants or entry-level associates to a customer for software implementation.

Rather, our fully capable team has deep knowledge of our proven process to ensure our #1 goal of complete software implementation to the satisfaction of the customer.

Consider our methodology to support complete implementation of the CPM software solution.

What Separates Our OneStream Software Implementation? 1


The Pathway to OneStream Software Implementation

A critical question that we ask each new OneStream customer before implementation is to identify their most pressing need.

Is it Financial Reporting? Consolidations? Planning & Forecasting? Budgeting?

Once we identify the most pressing need, we identify the pathway to support Phase 1 of OneStream XF software implementation.

We build a plan to support Phase 1 of implementation, implement the software to support Phase 1, and then review the usability of the software with the customer.

Once the customer achieves their goals with Phase 1, we build another plan to support Phase 2 of implementation to address the next most pressing need for the organization. And so on.

We are locked into each customer’s needs to continuously provide software support well after the initial pathway is established.

Contact HollandParker For OneStream Software Implementation

We have the ideal team, methodology, and approach to OneStream XF software implementation.

What Separates Our OneStream Software Implementation? 2

Because our CPM consulting firm specializes in OneStream, we can quickly address needs, scale our team, and deploy the software solution in the ideal manner for each customer.

Consider our Platinum approach to OneStream software implementation for your next customer. We believe in our capabilities to ensure that OneStream delivers on their promises to new customers.

Contact us today to inquire about software implementation support.