How to Enhance Ad Hoc Reporting Through OneStream

A tight deadline. A tense moment in a board meeting or presentation. An unanticipated question during a strategic meeting.

Each of these sweat-inducing scenarios can be solved through powerful ad hoc reporting. The issue for many global organizations is not having the right access to ad hoc reports when the moment strikes.

Drilling down deeper, many organizations do not have the right access to ad hoc reports because they depend on Excel spreadsheets, their CPM solution is out of date, or their current solution is not integrated with other software platforms.

There’s the root issue: an outdated or fragmented CPM solution cannot provide you with timely ad hoc reports. For today’s global organizations facing increasingly complex business needs, the solution is the OneStream XF software platform — a modern, unified platform for Corporate Performance Management.

Before diving into how OneStream Software helps global organizations generate timely ad hoc reports, let’s define exactly what we mean by ad hoc reporting.

What is Ad Hoc Reporting?

Ad hoc reporting is the ability to produce a business report on-the-fly that is not part of a standard set of reports generated by your existing software.

For example, a report that pulls together the latest resource data from your ERP software and the latest financial data from your CPM software to satisfy a specific strategic management request.

Or, within the CPM software, the ability to compare financial data from a non-standard period of time, such as six quarters ago, five years ago, or since the big merger.

Essentially, ad hoc reporting is a flexible way to view, assess, and compare data in real time. This captures the importance of software capabilities and integration to ensure that you can satisfy a request for information in a timely manner.

OneStream XF Makes it Easy to Perform Ad Hoc Reporting

Ad hoc reporting is increasingly important in fast-paced business environments where decisions need to be made quickly and promptly. And, the decisions need to be informed and intelligent, not rushed and hurried.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make rushed decisions when utilizing the OneStream XF software suite. OneStream XF was built from the ground up to ensure that users can make faster, better decisions.

And, because of the increased user demand for more insights, the latest version of OneStream includes advanced ad hoc reporting and analysis capabilities.

– Imagine sitting in the executive planning meeting that will set the course of your organization for the next five years. You have the financial data ready to support your argument. Then, you’re asked a question that requires additional data to satisfy the request.

If your organization is dependent on Excel or using an outdated, legacy CPM solution, you will likely find yourself stumbling through spreadsheets, filters, or views to generate an ad hoc report that will slow down the pace of the presentation. You simply don’t have time for this during a critical presentation.

Comparatively, if your organization is using OneStream XF, you can produce ad hoc reports on the fly at the click of a button. Thanks to conditional formatting capabilities, you can easily produce reports, dashboards, and quick views using specific filters or criteria-based thresholds. The data quickly turns into information that is ready to support your argument.

Work With HollandParker to Support OneStream XF Migration

OneStream Software helps global organizations move at the speed of business by generating the exact reports needed at the exact right time.

Organizations shouldn’t be limited or boxed into a specific set of reports that comes with their CPM software, which is the case for most CPM solutions. Add-in products often fall short, sending users straight back to build-from-scratch in Excel.

OneStream Software is different. The features in the OneStream XF software make it easy to pull data directly from the software to create the exact type of reports you need — without limitations.

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Multiple views make it easy for each user or stakeholder to receive the information they need when they need it.

Our CPM consulting firm makes it easy to make the switch from your current CPM solution to OneStream. We are a Diamond implementation partner that helps global organizations successfully migrate to OneStream XF.

We leverage our extensive CPM experience, proven methodologies, proprietary toolkits, and industry best-practices to consistently deliver on-time and on-budget to help our clients maximize their CPM investment in OneStream Software.

Contact us today to discuss how to make the transition to OneStream. We would be glad to discuss ad hoc reporting and other features of the OneStream XF software platform with your team.