What Is Smart View? There is a Better EPM Option

Oracle Hyperion Smart View is one of several applications in the Oracle Hyperion software suite. Smart View is designed for Microsoft Office applications to provide a common Office interface designed specifically for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI).

The objective of Smart View is to integrate EPM and BI data directly from the data source into Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.

But we’re here to say that your first question should not be, “What is Smart View?”

The Challenge of Using Smart View in Modern Business

The challenge for Financial teams attempting to use Smart View is that your organization needs to utilize and maintain other software applications in the Oracle Hyperion software suite to get the most value out of Smart View.

While Oracle says that each application can be deployed independently, the suite is built for interdependency on the other software applications, which include Financial Management, Financial Data Quality Management, Essbase, Financial Reporting, Workforce Planning, Capital Asset Planning, Financial Data Quality Management, and many more.

In other words, the cost of implementing, maintaining, and updating Smart View and a select number of other EPM applications is incredibly inefficient, while implementing the entire Oracle Hyperion software suite is unnecessary for your organization.

The Oracle Hyperion EPM applications are part of a fragmented architecture that has made them costly to deploy, maintain, and upgrade, especially for large enterprises with extensive deployments.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to the Oracle Hyperion software suite. The clear alternative is OneStream XF, which was built to meet the needs of modern business.

How OneStream Software is Different than Oracle Hyperion

– The Oracle Hyperion software suite is complicated with multiple applications that need to be maintained and updated. Plus, with Oracle pressuring customers to migrate to cloud-based EPM applications, there is concern for Finance and IT teams on the future viability of the software suite because of integration challenges.

Comparatively, OneStream Software offers one, unified platform designed to address financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting, planning, forecasting, analysis, and data quality for your organization. The OneStream XF platform was built to work with the IT resources in your organization to ensure the ideal deployment in the cloud, on-site, or in a hosted environment.

– There is another critical comparison between Oracle and OneStream. In the Oracle Hyperion suite, the applications are self-contained, which means their metadata, security, rules, and settings are maintained individually.

In OneStream, an XF MarketPlace Solution such as Account Reconciliations does not create a separate application but lives and works on and in OneStream, leveraging the full capabilities of that platform.

This creates tremendous cost savings for your organization by reducing the total cost of ownership and increases agility for your organization by spending less time and resources maintaining and integrating software.

What is the OneStream XF MarketPlace?

The OneStream XF MarketPlace contains 50+ solutions that can be easily downloaded, configured, and deployed within the OneStream XF software platform to extend the value of your organization’s investment in the platform.

The solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern business, while also creating an opportunity to download new solutions as your business needs change. The benefit is no additional cost, complexity, or deployment challenges.

Also, the solutions in the XF MarketPlace allow organizations to eliminate multiple, fragmented applications such as Smart View in the Oracle Hyperion software suite. Investing in the OneStream XF platform allows you to implement solutions from the XF MarketPlace that support financial, business, and planning tasks that previously required multiple applications.

– Additional benefits include more reliable data, more fluid processes, and more accuracy when producing reports. Because all of the data is housed in one location, the data is easily verified and authenticated to ensure reliance.

Comparatively, fragmented software applications require users to spend valuable time moving and reconciling data between applications and source systems. And, when your organization’s business needs change, you are required to install additional software to perform critical tasks, which adds unnecessary risk, cost, and complexity to the process.

The OneStream XF MarketPlace takes away this burden by making software solutions available when you’re ready.

Time to Modernize Through OneStream Software

The OneStream XF platform is the clear alternative to legacy EPM solutions. As a Diamond implementation partner, our consulting firm is prepared to help your organization migrate to OneStream Software.

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Our team of consultants have extensive experience with the Oracle Hyperion software suite, including Smart View. This allows us to understand exactly how to support your organization’s migration to OneStream XF, including how to continue performing business functions in one unified software platform versus multiple software applications.

We also have deep knowledge of the XF MarketPlace solutions to make an informed recommendation on which solutions to deploy for your organization, extending your investment in OneStream XF.

Contact us today to inquire about utilizing our capabilities to migrate to OneStream XF. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with your organization advancing from Oracle Hyperion to OneStream Software.