HollandParker consultants provide OneStream education services on the OneStream XF platform

HollandParker Launches OneStream Education Services

HollandParker is excited to introduce new offerings around OneStream Education Services that will enable our customers to develop a deeper level of understanding of the OneStream™ XF SmartCPM™ platform.


The new education services extend our current standing as a Diamond-level OneStream Software Partner. We have entered into a new Authorized Training Partnership with OneStream to deliver OneStream Authorized Training Courses across North America.


As a OneStream Authorized Training Partner, our corporate performance management (CPM) consulting firm will offer unparalleled OneStream Training through an authorized training curriculum. We have seasoned subject matter experts and highly experienced consultants who have supported OneStream implementation for some of the most complex and high-profile OneStream projects, to this we now add certified OneStream Instructors to our team to share their real-world expertise in the classroom.


Our OneStream Education Services


We are delivering OneStream education for both in-person and remote settings to take advantage of opportunities to provide training for on-site teams and extended teams that are spread across virtual work environments. We are offering:


  • Public Training
  • Project Team Training
  • Custom Training


Public Training Classes


We are launching public training classes that will cover two of the OneStream XF Foundation Classes: Application Build for Administrators and Power User Reporting. We will be delivering each of these classes on a monthly basis.


Our consultants who lead the classes have the ideal experience to guide you through the authorized OneStream curriculum, answer your questions, and draw from real-world field experience to provide you with understanding and confidence to utilize the OneStream XF platform.


Then, our plan is to offer Level 2 classes over the next 12-24 months. These advanced classes will cover financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, financial consolidations, specialty reporting and planning, and other OneStream topics.


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Project Team Training


Our project team training offering supports your organization’s implementation team that is responsible for implementing OneStream XF. Your team needs to be confident about the software during the implementation process to ensure success for your organization.


We offer two primary options for your team to receive implementation training:


1. Attend a OneStream public class that is relevant for each of the roles within your implementation team. For example, your team should consider registering for our Application Build for Administrators public training class that will provide your team with the necessary guidance to support OneStream XF implementation.


2. For larger implementation teams, consider scheduling a private training class between our consultants and your full project team. We can deliver private team training virtually or on-site, as needed.


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Custom Training


We can also provide custom training on the OneStream XF platform to support various decision-makers, stakeholders, organizational leaders, teams, and end-users across your organization. This may include training on specific OneStream XF applications available on the OneStream XF MarketPlace.


We will customize the OneStream training material to target specific roles or functions in your organization to develop a deeper level of understanding. We will focus on delivering relevant instruction on processes, procedures, features, functionality, and tools to enable your organization to get the most value from your OneStream investment.


Our expert consultants will draw from their real-world experience and industry-leading expertise to support specific team needs:


  • Education during or following software implementation.
  • Targeted training for specific roles, decision-makers, and/or teams.
  • Bridge training to close gaps in knowledge or experience.
  • Onboarding or user training for new hires and recently-promoted individuals.


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Continuing to Lead the Way in OneStream Education Services


Our certification as an Authorized OneStream Training Partner further enables our CPM firm’s mission of 100% client success. We have one of the most experienced OneStream consultant teams in the partner ecosystem as well as one of the largest number of OneStream clients in the world. The new partnership with OneStream further solidifies our standing as an industry leader in CPM solution implementation services and training.


“The OneStream Training Department is excited HollandParker is now an Authorized Training Partner bringing years of experience and expertise to the classroom,” says Jacqui Slone, Director of Training and Academy at OneStream Software. “HollandParker is one of only a handful of Training Partners in North America that can deliver OneStream Authorized Training Courses. This is truly a testament to their leadership and unwavering commitment to client success.”


In 2021 and beyond, we look forward to delivering new OneStream Education Services to customers. This new service strengthens our ability to maximize each customer’s CPM vision from strategy to implementation to support and now to classroom training.


Have questions about our new education services? Ready to get started or schedule training for your organization? Contact us today to let us know how we can help!