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Secrets to a Stress-Free Financial Software Implementation Process

Global organizations are increasingly turning to OneStream™ Software to transform Finance. OneStream’s intelligent finance platform was built to conquer complexity in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) so that finance leaders can lead at speed and enable confident decision-making.


The evidence is overwhelming that OneStream is the ideal CPM solution to meet the needs of today’s finance leaders. However, for many organizations, the challenge is not being convinced that now is the time to transition away from manual-entry processes and outdated, legacy platforms. The real challenge is deciding whether the effort is worth it.


Management of change can be a significant roadblock if you are concerned about whether you will be able to achieve internal buy-in — both horizontally from team members and vertically from management. Fortunately, we have the expertise to support your organization’s journey to utilizing OneStream.


We’d like to share how we simplify the complexity of financial software implementation to smoothly get you up and running with OneStream.


Our Proven Approach to Financial Software Implementation

We believe that each client is unique. Our approach to OneStream implementation is centered on your needs at a technical, business, and personal level.


We focus on understanding your organization’s maturity with CPM technologies, current-state challenges, appetite for change, future-state challenges, and scope of work. In other words, we want to understand your micro challenges and address those early on in the process before they become larger roadblocks to change.


Then, through our proven approach, we deliver implementation solutions that help meet your short-term and long-term goals. Here’s how we simplify this process:


1. We Take a Strategic Approach

We partner with organizations to help them get the most of their investment in OneStream from strategy to implementation to training to support. We don’t leave you on an island to figure this out for yourself, as we follow a structured approach that is managed throughout the duration of the implementation process.


Although some clients may be in a similar situation as others, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We still focus on aligning the best implementation framework for each client with regular checkpoints to ensure communication, visibility, and adaptability. It’s a very collaborative process as we strive for alignment horizontally and vertically.


2. We Emphasize Clear Communication

We want to hear from you and your team throughout the software implementation process. We use questionnaires and workshops to gather information, ask and answer questions, address concerns, engage in two-way dialogue, and then fine-tune the implementation framework.


Depending on your location, technology resources, and where your employees are located, we can dialogue with your team in-person or virtually through web meetings. We are flexible in this manner.


Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that OneStream is set up to best suit your organization. Through our integrated communication approach, we ensure that your team is prepared for success during and after implementation.


3. We Allocate Appropriate Resources

Every project has HollandParker executive sponsorship. Through this top-down client commitment, our implementation team is empowered to follow through by dedicating the appropriate resources to each implementation. This includes designing and dedicating a tailored team of functional and technical experts to best meet your needs.


Then, we adapt to your timeline. We understand that competing priorities — such as a financial period close — may take precedence over completing the implementation process. We will work with you according to your team’s availability to complete the implementation.


Because our firm is 100% dedicated to OneStream implementation, we can make our teams available according to your schedule without experiencing any drop-off in the level of resource allocation or support that you initially received.


Contact HollandParker for OneStream Implementation Support

Ultimately, our financial software implementation approach is tailored to meet your organization’s needs. This is how we simplify the process of managing change by carefully advancing from one step to the next in our implementation framework — from strategy to design to build to test to training to going live — and then following through with dedicated post-implementation support.


Secrets to a Stress-Free Financial Software Implementation Process 1


We are 100% committed to customer success enabling your organization to receive the most benefit from investing in OneStream. As a OneStream Diamond Implementation Partner, we empower Finance and help manage change through our robust implementation approach. Let us simplify the complexity for your organization.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss migrating to OneStream. Let’s develop a roadmap to help your organization achieve your CPM vision by modernizing Finance.