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Flexibility and Agility: Finding a OneStream Implementation Partner to Quickly Scale Up

OneStream continues to grow at a rapid pace, as evidenced by a 50 percent increase in the number of attendees for this year’s SPLASH conference in New Orleans.

The increase can be attributed to the growth of the OneStream customer base, which is the product of OneStream now recognized as the industry leader in CPM software solutions for enterprise companies.

OneStream regional Sales Managers can help the company continue to grow by keeping the sales pipeline full with new customers who are ready to move to the OneStream XF software platform.

The next step is identifying the best OneStream implementation partners who can quickly scale up to support software implementation for each customer in the pipeline.

Flexibility to Support OneStream XF Software Implementation

Each customer in your sales pipeline is at a different stage of migrating away from legacy CPM platforms or Excel spreadsheets to support financial, accounting, and business functions.

For example, your sales team closed a deal with a customer four months ago, but the customer is not ready to start their implementation.. However, a customer from two months ago is ready to begin the software implementation process.

You need to work with a software implementation partner that has the flexibility to adapt to each new customer’s timeline. You also need a partner who can help close gaps in the timeline so the customer is not sitting idly waiting for the implementation process to begin when they’re ready.

Agility to Support OneStream XF Software Implementation

Agility is different from flexibility in that you need to work with the best implementation partner who can make a seamless transition from one implementation project to the next. Or, have the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time.

For example, a customer is ready for implementation at the tail-end of another customer’s implementation project. The implementation partner should have the agility to allocate resources based on what has been completed with Project A and what is needed to start Project B.

Agile support requires tremendous coordination, focus, and expertise to ensure the customer’s needs are understood and prioritized to drive toward completing a successful implementation.

Consider HollandParker for Flexible and Agile Software Implementation

Our CPM business consulting firm is proud of our track record of flexible and agile implementation of OneStream XF software. Flexibility and Agility: Finding a OneStream Implementation Partner to Quickly Scale Up 1

Because our company is completely focused on OneStream, we are capable of quickly scaling up resources to support implementation for each customer. Specifically, we align with your sales pipeline to ensure that we allocate our resources to match your timeline.

Our resources include a dedicated team of CPM consultants who work side-by-side with each customer, CPA and MBA professionals who understand the accounting and financial needs of each customer, and technical support experts who understand how to deploy OneStream XF software for each customer.

As a platinum level implementation partner, we appreciate the opportunity to build relationships with OneStream regional Sales Managers. Consider how we can come alongside your team to ensure continual growth for your territory and OneStream as a whole.

Contact HollandParker today to discuss how we can support your sales pipeline.