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How to Become an Agile Corporation in 2020 and Beyond

As we stand at the cusp of a new decade, global business opportunities are endless for those poised to grasp them. The best way for an organization to thrive at this crossroads is to sharpen the agility of its performance.

Business agility is achieved through flexibility, adaptability, and balance. Strength in all of these areas is a must, especially in the management of corporate performance management (CPM) software applications. Any weakness could expose your organization to the risk of slowdown or disruption, which is a death knell for organizations operating with outdated solutions.

Agile corporations rise above bureaucracy and “this is how we’ve always done it” ways of thinking. They have the ability and fluidity to respond to opportunities, while also monitoring and eliminating threats. As we leave the current decade behind, organizations should identify and cast aside software obstacles to achieve optimum business agility.

Old Decade, Old Challenges With CPM Solutions 

Milestones give reason for reflection and action. Contemplate the challenges your corporation has faced in responding to a changing global marketplace.

What have been your greatest frustrations in the maintenance of your CPM software?

If you are still using legacy platforms and Oracle Hyperion’s enterprise performance management (EPM) applications, you no doubt are feeling the afflictions of an aging, antiquated system.

Consider these significant pain points to be addressed and eliminated:

1. Complicated Design

CPM software systems of past decades are energy-draining due to their complicated designs. Complexity causes inefficiency and confusion. Processes of the past were built with multiple, often incompatible applications that simply cannot keep the pace of 2020 and beyond.

2. Costly Upgrades and Extended Support

Maintenance of outdated CPM software and EPM applications is similar to that of a well-worn vehicle. At some point, your company becomes sidelined with multiple breakdowns and problems. You employ outside help that is costly and time consuming while others are whizzing by you and reaching their destinations with ease.

Continued reliance on technical support and updates points to an overarching problem: the need for a new ride. It is time for a modern design that eliminates the need for extensive troubleshooting and intervention.

3. Version Control Issues

When using multiple applications, incompatibility between versions is a natural challenge. Incompatibility is costly as gaps must be traced and corrected. An integrated, efficient system is essential.

4. Breakdown of Communication and Inaccurate Information

Fragmented applications often require manual input of data and waiting for one department or location to perform their tasks. This increases frustrations and risks for incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information.

Frustrations drain creativity and vision, stifling agility and growth. Each branch of the business deserves clarity and transparency of data that influence decision making and performance. No one should be bogged down by time zones, office hours, or a lag in updates or responses. It is vital that clear communication be available to all business units spread across the globe.

OneStream XF Meets the Demands of a New Decade

Milestones are also the impetus for change.  New decades call for fresh approaches. Thankfully, the OneStream XF software platform combats the challenges of pain points caused by outdated business applications.

OneStream allows its customers to get back to business by unifying all business, accounting, and finance applications. Financial tasks such as consolidations, reporting, forecasting, budgeting, and planning are accomplished with ease in a single system for maximum agility.

Examine how OneStream XF eliminates many of the common pain points of global companies:

1. Simplicity of Design

OneStream XF offers a CPM software system that is completely unified and user-friendly. It provides operational and financial planning processes accessible in practical applications.

Your teams will be able to plan at both summary and detailed levels in all areas of your business. You will find that you can achieve more through simplification.

2. Seamless Updates and Exceptional Support

Because all input is live and integrated, updates are in real-time. There is virtually no dreaded downtime for systems to be upgraded.

Also, OneStream can easily forecast new scenarios with data from actual scenarios using powerful data modeling capabilities. These solutions can be downloaded, configured, and deployed quickly.

OneStream offers more than 50 downloadable domain specific solutions through the OneStream XF MarketPlace, as well as a central data repository and extensive metadata to manage business processes.

To help with concerns, an expert support team is always easily accessible. Questions are readily addressed to help maintain your forward momentum.

3. Freedom from Version Restrictions

With OneStream, conflicts between maintenance, business, and forecasting applications virtually disappear. Instead of causing conflict, the components of the OneStream XF platform complement and strengthen one another.

The entire system is built to work together simultaneously, eliminating the gaps caused by version control issues. OneStream eliminates cumbersome and unreliable integrations and reconciliations between multiple products.

4. Enhanced Communication and Accuracy of Information

In a global business, accurate and efficient communication is foundational for growth. A single integrated system provides each team member with transparent, real-time data.

Employees are empowered to make sharp, clear decisions that are most beneficial for the vitality of the company. The benefits are immediate, as team members are informed, valued, and heard.

Clarity of vision and retention of talent leads to more agility to perform business processes.

Work With HollandParker to Transition Into a New Decade

Modern businesses must take bold steps in order to surge ahead into a new decade. OneStream provides the ideal path toward eliminating pain points caused by outdated legacy platforms.

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HollandParker, as a Diamond implementation partner, is equipped to help your company migrate to OneStream as your CPM solution. As a premium consulting service, our team helps smooth the transition from fragmented, outdated applications through our proven implementation process.

Contact us today to find out more about how our team of consultants can partner with your organization. We are ready to help you become an agile corporation in 2020 and beyond by harnessing the power and capabilities of OneStream.

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