Introducing Our New Director of Sales and Marketing

Our CPM consulting firm is growing at a rapid pace implementing OneStream XF software for client organizations in the United States and internationally.

To support our efforts, we are proud to announce the hiring of veteran business development professional Dan Vollmer to the position of Director of Sales and Marketing.

The Right Combination of Client Support and Industry Expertise

Dan Vollmer brings expertise in project delivery, customer relations, and account management to our firm, which will help ensure company growth married with smooth project services for each client that we work with.

Dan has spent the majority of his career in software and IT services sales and marketing. He is well-versed on the technical side of CPM solution implementation through his previous work in IT consulting, cybersecurity, and network asset management.

“I was impressed by Dan’s background as a client advocate for the type of organizations we work with and his ability to strategize technical solutions from the program level to the project level,” says managing director Philip Parker. “He brings the right blend of account management, project delivery, and IT experience to fill a need for our growing firm.”

Why Dan Vollmer Joined HollandParker

Making the transition to a new company requires serious thought and consideration. We asked Dan what ultimately led to the decision to join our CPM consulting firm.

What about HollandParker attracted you to the firm?

Dan: I was introduced to Philip Parker through mentors of mine that spoke highly of the HollandParker team. In my first conversation with Philip, I quickly understood why this is a special place because of the way he spoke about his people, his vision for the company, the culture they are creating, and the impact that this team is making on the OneStream ecosystem.

Furthermore, when reaching out to my network to do research about the HollandParker team, the feedback was unanimous in reiterating an incredible group of people doing incredible work.  The recommendations are what introduced me to HollandParker, but the people, the culture, the vision, and the company values are what excited me to join the HollandParker family!

Why did you ultimately decide to join HollandParker?

Dan: I believe in the work hard, play hard culture because this mentality permeates into all facets of a company.  I aim to surround myself with people that challenge me professionally to develop in my career. This motto encourages myself and others around me to understand the importance of working smarter (and sometimes harder), during work hours so you can spend time with family, friends, and other pursuits in your personal time.  

I was drawn to HollandParker because they share this vision as portrayed by their commitment to give back to the community, and their successful mission of 100% client satisfaction. Sales and consulting are demanding fields, where your people and your clients are your main assets.  

Having the right culture, which HollandParker embodies, becomes paramount in order to hire the right people, train everyone effectively, retain your people, and ensure 100% client success!

What’s your experience with OneStream Software?

Dan: At my previous employer, prior to signing on as a OneStream partner, I went through a few competitive sales cycles against OneStream and I was wildly impressed with the technology.  When our organization became a OneStream partner, I was able to learn more about the power of OneStream, the impact they are having on their clients, and why this best of breed technology is superior to other legacy tools and CPM technology competitors.

In my years of helping organizations achieve Enterprise Connected Planning, I have seen some incredible impact these tools can have on that organization and its people. One challenge I found is that most EPM/CPM tools are either point solutions or they cannot truly achieve connected planning across all functions of financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting, planning, and operational analytics.

It is fair to say that all EPM/CPM tools have their strengths and weaknesses, but OneStream Software shines in capabilities above all the rest. Their requirement of 100% customer success and referenceability is unprecedented for a company with over 500 clients. This is a testament to the technology and the culture of OneStream.

How do you think your skills and experience translates to the role of Director of Sales and Marketing? How do you envision helping HollandParker grow in your role?

Dan: I have spent the majority of my career in sales and marketing at software and IT services organizations. Specifically, I have worked in highly technical and competitive industries like Information Security and Corporate Performance Management. We all know that the success and failure of projects can have a critical impact on our clients successes and even impact key stakeholders careers. As a result, our client’s and technology partners demand a great deal from us to ensure all phases of a project and partnership are completed at a high level of accuracy.

HollandParker is already known as a company that can be trusted to deliver as proven by our  track record of 100% OneStream client successes. My skills and experience will allow me to take what we are doing well, and to position us into the next phase of company growth and client support.  

For our clients, I will concentrate on streamlining and scaling our capabilities and processes to be an even more strategic partner for their CPM journey during project discovery, project delivery, post-project support, and through their strategic CPM roadmap.

For OneStream, we are aligning our sales and marketing efforts to act as an extension to their team and to position us to scale to their growing company and their client’s needs.  

Professional Experience the Right Fit for HollandParker

On a professional level, Dan has worked for some of the largest organizations in the world including Lockheed Martin, Dell, and Optiv.

On the client support side, he has worked with Fortune 1000 organizations in industries such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Finance, Hi-Tech, and Retail.

Through his most recent work in IT consulting, Dan gained a deeper understanding of the software platforms used by global organizations to support Enterprise Performance Management, Analytics and Data Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Organizational Change Management, and Cloud Services (Finance, Operations, and Sales).

Now, Dan is prepared to bring his knowledge and expertise to our CPM consulting firm to support company growth and project delivery of OneStream XF implementation for each client organization.

We would appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to Dan. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.