How is OneStream XF Planning Different?

How is OneStream XF Planning different?

Administrators and Planners dread Planning and Budgeting due to poor communication or  distribution streams (email), delay in systems aligning data and lack of transparency of who is doing what and timeline of when they should be?  Eliminate the chaos of collecting, revising and approving plans in multiple spreadsheets. Eliminate distributing and communication via email and never be required to  aligning actuals by import and reconciling systems .  Instead forecast and budget in the guided and controlled process  of OneStream XF Planning  with the flexibility to adapt as your business changes!

How is OneStream XF Planning Different? 1

Single Platform: Reduce Administration and Improve Cycle Time

  • By having a single platform for planning and actual financial close, calculations, rules and reporting may be leveraged across scenarios while still allowing the flexible to be unique to each scenario.
  • Eliminate the need to build, maintain and support multiple products and applications; never again will you be required to align data between products
  • Move data between scenarios easily and quickly to begin budget or immediately populate actuals into rolling forecast.  Reduce the wait on administrators but have the flexibility to capture versions as required

How is OneStream XF Planning Different? 2

Simplify Use: Shift from Reconciling to Analyzing

  • Use the familiarity of Excel and workflow for simplified budget and forecasting process
  • With guided workflow, dependencies can be set and planners have a step by step flow to complete the forecast or budget.
  • Setting confirmation and review steps will reduce lag time, improve communication and minimize rework
  • With a unified approach across the organization, status during the planning process can easily be viewed and reported for each level of the organization

With decreased cycle time, unified reporting, and better communication,  a company’s focus shifts to analyzing and adapting to changes in business using “What-If” scenarios.

To learn more about gaining the efficiencies as above and utilizing “What-If” scenarios to focus on changing business environment, read more about OneStream XF at

How is OneStream XF Planning Different? 3