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How to Find the Best Value for a OneStream Implementation Partner

Everyone wants to talk about finding or creating value in the CPM software implementation space, but not everyone has the right approach.

Some platforms have forced clients to the cloud or have not taken steps to update legacy software, creating an opportunity for a CPM software provider such as OneStream to become the new industry leader.

Similarly, not every OneStream implementation partner takes the right approach to deliver complete implementation for Fortune 500 and enterprise companies. Consider the optimal approach to create value for businesses transitioning to the OneStream XF software suite.

OneStream Implementation Value: Industry Knowledge

The ideal OneStream implementation partner has deep industry knowledge as a company and at the individual level.

Industry knowledge is important to ensure that both the implementation partner and the client are speaking the same language about accounting and financial issues that pertain that business’ industry.

This approach helps elevate OneStream through when the partner can advise and guide the client through the entire process once the software is provisioned or installed. The chosen implementation partner shall deliver time to value and the necessary guidance throughout the journey to implement with 100% success, in the agreed upon timeframe.

OneStream Implementation Value: Support at the Level of Need

During the implementation process, the ideal implementation partner will understand exactly what the client needs.

  • What is the client’s current financial system — are they migrating from legacy software or Excel spreadsheets?
  • Does the client primarily need support for financial reporting and consolidations, budgeting and forecasting, financial close, or all of the above?
  • Which OneStream XF and Marketplace applications are best suited for the client’s needs?

An experienced OneStream implementation partner will make the correct recommendation to the client without trying to force an unnecessary solution that does not match the need.

OneStream Implementation Value: Done Right the First Time

The underlying concept of “value” is to create an exponentially greater benefit compared to the cost of creating the benefit.

The “cheap” route is attempting to create value from utilizing an inexperienced implementation partner. Unfortunately, the cost of re-work, follow-up support, and headaches for the client far outweigh the so-called benefit.

The “over-kill” route is attempting to create value by recommending an implementation partner who sells the client on more than what they need to perform their desired accounting and finance functions. Unfortunately, the cost of a frustrated client who ends up not using the software correctly — or adopting it at all — outweighs the perceived benefits.

The desired middle ground is utilizing an implementation partner who can quickly scale resources to meet the needs of the client, has the expertise to handle the implementation correctly the first time, and helps the client understand how to use the software tools that fit their need. This creates tremendous value in the short-term and long-term to benefit both the client and OneStream.

Consider HollandParker for Valuable OneStream Implementation

HollandParker is a platinum-level implementation partner that is 100 percent committed to OneStream implementation.

We do not sell products for competing services, which means each new OneStream client will receive our team’s complete commitment to implementing OneStream XF software. No client is “over-sold” on additional products they do not need.

Additionally, because our company focuses solely on OneStream, our teams are capable of understanding how OneStream XF software matches up with the industry-specific accounting and financial needs of each new client.

Our team of consultants have vast industry knowledge and experience. They are CPAs and  Accountants, and they have deep industry and OneStream knowledge to deliver a succesful implementation.

When working with HollandParker, we ensure the complete satisfaction of each new client who migrates to OneStream. That’s how we create value for the client and OneStream.