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Finding the Best Implementation Match for a New OneStream Customer

Word is spreading in corporate circles about migrating from broken, legacy CPM software platforms to OneStream XF. In today’s fast-paced, intense business world, enterprise companies and Fortune 500 companies need simplified processes for sophisticated business operations, which OneStream clearly provides.

After attending OneStream SPLASH earlier this year in New Orleans, we can feel a rushing wave of momentum building to a major breakthrough moment. When that moment happens, OneStream executives need to be prepared to support a rush of new customers for successful software implementation.

Specifically, the OneStream VP of Sales and the surrounding team need to think about matching each new customer to the ideal OneStream implementation partner. Consider the best approach to finding the right match.

Consider the Industry for Each New OneStream Customer

One of the most important considerations for each OneStream customer is their industry. There are very specific accounting and financial considerations specific to each industry, whether retail, oil and gas, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, financial services, and many other industries.

Utilizing the information gathered by the OneStream sales rep, ensure that your team has a firm understanding of the most prominent or pressing issues for the new customer.

  • Is the customer challenged by consolidations for multiple global business units?
  • Is the customer challenged by accurate reporting for complex accounting issues?
  • Is the customer challenged by the inability to perform budgeting or forecasting because of unreliable data?

Use the industry-specific information gathered about the customer’s challenges to identify the ideal course of action for OneStream XF software implementation. Then, identify OneStream implementation partners who have experience supporting these challenges for OneStream customers.

Consider the Resources Available to Support OneStream XF Implementation

Some customers may be facing a hard deadline to set up, implement, and begin using OneStream XF software.

The customer could be facing an accounting or financial situation that requires immediate action, could be going through a merger or acquisition, opening a new global facility, or facing another business operations challenge that requires immediate support to migrate to a new CPM solution.

When looking to find a match between the customer’s timeline and OneStream implementation partners, consider the availability of resources from each potential OneStream implementation partner.

  • Which implementation partners can reasonably support the timeline?
  • Which implementation partners have displayed reliability and consistency?
  • Which implementation partners have the bandwidth to take on a new project?
  • Which implementation partners have a team that can be quickly mobilized?

Consider the Track Record of OneStream Implementation Partners

Another key consideration for the VP of Sales and the support team is the commitment level from each OneStream implementation partner.

Some implementation partners might have the industry experience and resources to support implementation. However, they may have to interrupt a OneStream implementation project to shift resources to another project for a non-OneStream client.

That’s not the case with HollandParer. Our CPM consulting firm planted its flag as 100 percent OneStream implementation support, which means our team of consultants is completely focused on supporting software implementation from beginning to end without interruption.Finding the Best Implementation Match for a New OneStream Customer 1

Our platinum level implementation support ensures that each customer is fully supported from set-up to implementation to ongoing use. We also boast industry experience throughout our team and the full availability of resources to mobilize for new customer implementation.

When reviewing your growing pipeline of OneStream customers, consider HollandParker as the ideal implementation partner to come alongside new customers and continue helping OneStream grow as the leading CPM solution provider in the industry.

To discuss your current pipeline and to find the right match for OneStream XF software implementation, contact us today.