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What’s Next After Successful OneStream Implementation for Your Customer?

One of the key differentiators for OneStream as compared to other CPM solutions is a deep investment in each customer’s success. For too long, the CPM market was dominated by one-size-fits-all solutions, forced migration to the cloud, or a set-and-forget approach.

OneStream has clearly embraced customer success, leading to amazing year-over-year growth for the company and strong customer satisfaction.

OneStream sales reps are directly involved in the process of fueling this growth by supporting customers before, during, and after implementation of OneStream XF software. The question for sales reps is: “What are the steps I need to take to ensure continued success for my customers after a successful implementation?”

Ensure Customer Success By Reviewing the Implementation Process

HollandParker has enjoyed working with many OneStream sales reps who have remained involved in the customer implementation process. The dialogue and feedback is critical for our teams to utilize information gathered about each customer.

Once implementation is complete, though, the relationship between OneStream and the customer is just beginning.

Sure, the customer may interact with different OneStream teams after implementation for ongoing maintenance, IT support, or other specific needs. However, the relationship between the OneStream sales rep and the customer is permanent.

Sales reps should remain deeply involved in the customer success journey to ensure the customer is set up for long-term success. Consider taking these actions post-implementation:

  • Prepare to address common issues faced by customers in specific industries.
  • Inquire about any unexpected challenges or issues during implementation.
  • Set a schedule to remain involved in Phase 2 of implementation or upgrades.
  • Gather feedback about how each user or stakeholder is using OneStream.
  • Use the feedback to prepare your next customer for success.

Remain Involved in Phase 2 of Implementation or Upgrades

Why have so many enterprise companies and Fortune 500 companies migrated to OneStream? One reason is because they grew tired of feeling stranded on a deserted island of customer support trying to figure out how to make legacy CPM software work for their ever-changing, complex business processes.

We know that OneStream is different, but each customer needs to be assured of this difference. Sales reps play an important role in reinforcing the message that OneStream will be available to support customer success well after the implementation process is complete.

Consider taking these actions as your relationship with the customer continues well after implementation:

  • Review the effectiveness of OneStream XF after the first quarterly reporting period.
  • Review the effectiveness of OneStream XF after the first annual reporting period.
  • Suggest relevant OneStream XF MarketPlace solutions to extend the value of the software platform.
  • Prepare to answer very specific questions about using the software by users and stakeholders.

This step in the customer success journey requires staying close to your customer by understanding their schedule, the team members who use OneStream, and the specific industry issues for accounting and finance that the customer will face.

Continue to Involve a OneStream Implementation Partner

One way to ensure ongoing customer success is continuing to work with a platinum OneStream implementation partner such as HollandParker.What’s Next After Successful OneStream Implementation for Your Customer? 1

Because we are 100 percent committed to OneStream XF implementation, our team will walk side-by-side with sales reps and OneStream customers to ensure ongoing issues are addressed in a timely manner, questions are answered, and problems are solved.

We have the ideal team to provide support for specific accounting, financial, IT, data collection, or executive-level questions that arise for each customer.

Consider working with our CPM consulting firm to support the ongoing success of your customers. We are confident that we will sustain your customer’s success and prepare the customer for Phase 2 of implementation and/or software upgrades.