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Why Should You Work With a CPM Consultant for OneStream Implementation?

The world of business is increasingly more global for Fortune 500 and enterprise companies. That means business units are scattered across the globe, accountability is increasingly more important, and a common language is necessary to solve complex financial issues.

As a OneStream executive, you know the importance of custom solutions for global enterprise companies that address their specific needs. To help support the delivery and execution of OneStream XF software implementation, we recommend working with a CPM consultant that understands how to address increasingly more complex issues facing customers.

OneStream Growth Fueled by Intelligent Implementation

OneStream customers come to OneStream looking for an alternative. They’re tired of fragmented software applications that simply do not support their activity in global markets.

They’re also tired of trying to get software solutions to talk to each other to share data and make sense of the data — just to achieve a baseline function of producing accurate financial reports or budgets to support decision-making.

Growing businesses have turned to OneStream to achieve more than baseline functionality; they need an intelligent software solution that grows with their needs.

A CPM consultant such as HollandParker has their finger on the pulse of what global enterprises need. We understand how to match each need to the capabilities of OneStream to create the most value for the company.

We also have the foresight to see ahead to future needs. We can proactively strategize solutions and implementation that will meet a need years down the road that aligns with the global strategy of the organization.

This intelligent approach to implementation will help OneStream continue to grow. How so?

Working with implementation partners who remain ahead of the curve will allow customers to continually tap into the advanced capabilities of the OneStream XF software platform. This will allow them to address unanticipated needs in an ever-changing business world.

OneStream Will Stay Ahead of the Curve for Decades to Follow

At one time, legacy software platforms weren’t legacy platforms. They were cutting edge and ahead of their time. Then, time passed them by, customers were forced into unnecessary changes, and integration with other platforms was not considered.

OneStream’s custom deployment and forward-thinking approach to modern business will allow OneStream to continue solving real customer needs for decades to follow.

Additionally, the OneStream XF MarketPlace represents the ideal method to put the power of adaptability into the hands of the customer. Instead of waiting for a solutions provider to deliver new functionality, customers can instantly grab a tool from the MarketPlace.

That’s why we were excited to hear the announcement of the XF MarketPlace Partner Program at SPLASH 2019. Now, vetted partners will be able to introduce new value-added solutions that can be downloaded, configured, and deployed to address real needs in real-time.

That’s where a CPM consultant comes into play. We are capable of working with customers to help them identify the best solutions that extend the value of their OneStream investment. We also help set up, configure, and deploy the solutions to ensure best use.

Consider HollandParker to Support Universal Buy-In

A key support piece in the process of OneStream implementation is ensuring universal buy-in from stakeholders and users.

Because of our positive relationships with OneStream customers, we are capable of diving back into a customer’s global business profile to identify how a custom solution from the XF MarketPlace can address their pressing needs. We also think ahead to how a solution could solve a future need as the company continues to grow.Why Should You Work With a CPM Consultant for OneStream Implementation? 1

When considering a CPM consultant to support OneStream implementation for a global enterprise company, make sure you think of HollandParker.

As a Platinum OneStream implementation partner, we have the capabilities, track record, and foresight to address customer needs — both now and in the future. This will ensure that OneStream continues to grow as the leading and modern CPM solution for today’s increasingly global business world.

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