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The Value of Comprehensive Financial Software for Enterprise Companies

Enterprise companies bear the weight of tremendous financial responsibility. The effectiveness of financial, accounting, and business processes could be the difference between tens of thousands or even millions of dollars.

That’s why the software used to support these processes is critical to success. OneStream has met the challenge head-on by developing a software solution that meets the needs of modern business.

Improve Your Financial Analytics

OneStream consultants work directly with the Finance team at each company to address real needs. A few ways that consultants provide value to the Finance team include:

  • Taking a deep dive into the customer’s current accounting, finance, and business processes.
  • Understanding the specific work performed by the CFO, Finance director(s), financial analysts, and controllers.
  • Asking questions about current processes used to support financial functions.
  • Strategizing pathways to migrate from current CPM platforms (SAP, Oracle Hyperion, etc.) to OneStream.
  • Offer experience and best practice knowledge consultancy to the design of the OneStream platform.

From our experience with software implementation for enterprise companies, we have learned how important it is to understand each unique financial accounting situation, analyze the situation to find the appropriate course of action, and communicate the plan for utilizing financial software to address each need.

Get Support for the Technical Implementation

In addition to working with finance teams, OneStream consultants work closely with the IT/technology team to implement the OneStream XF software.

A few ways that consultants provide value to companies include:

  • Understanding how to help redesign system processes.
  • Supporting application and system design and configuration.
  • Understanding the company’s specific environment, cloud or on premise.
  • Supporting the software installation or cloud provisioning and application development.
  • Looping in the right resources for ongoing support.

Essentially, consultants are focused on the current systems and processes used by the company. Then, consultants strategize technical solutions to support migration from the current enterprise software platform to OneStream.

Let Go of Project Management

A third critical area that OneStream consultants focus on is project management to ensure deliverables are met and implementation is completed.

A few ways that consultants provide value to companies in the area of project management include:

  • Setting milestones or benchmarks at the beginning of the project.
  • Creating personal milestones to complete critical tasks at specific intervals.
  • Establishing how the team will work together to complete implementation.
  • Developing strong communication points of contact in the company.
  • Communicating progress to stakeholders in Accounting, Finance, and Business.
  • Having a plan to address emerging or unanticipated challenges.
  • Seeking out information to support the ultimate goal of complete implementation.

Work with a OneStream Implementation Partner

HollandParker has worked side-by-side with companies and OneStream consultants to plan, strategize, and execute OneStream XF software implementation.

As a Platinum implementation partner, we understand the unique challenges associated with migrating to new financial software for enterprise companies.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help support implementation. We are committed to complete implementation that aligns with company needs.