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How The Market Has Dramatically Changed for CPM Software

For years, Oracle and System Applications Products (SAP) dominated the corporate performance management (CPM) software market. Recently, there has been a dramatic shift away from these antiquated, fragmented processes.

Every year, the business world is shrinking and becoming more integrated. Businesses are required to choose whether they will take bold steps toward the future, or become irrelevant in today’s fast-paced world. Just as individuals have embraced smart technology to unify all of their personal applications onto one manageable platform, customers are seeking to bring ease and efficiency to their business applications.

The decision is obvious. With OneStream, the choice is not only profitable, but also easily accessible and greatly rewarding. Learn how OneStream can become your choice for effective corporate performance management software.

Transition from Legacy Platforms to OneStream

Legacy platforms such as Oracle Hyperion once met a need within the market. A large number of corporations and businesses relied on legacy platforms and Oracle Hyperion’s enterprise performance management (EPM) applications for many years. Through these EPM applications, they supported their financial consolidations, planning, analysis processes, and reporting.

In former eras, this approach provided value to the businesses of their time. However, as the world has become smaller and faster, this fragmented structure has made these platforms cost prohibitive to launch, upgrade, and maintain.

Oracle Hyperion is an outdated solution, and does not integrate well with others. For example, Oracle Hyperion is now urging customers to move to its cloud-based EPM applications. However, these applications are on a different architecture and therefore require a full re-implementation and the acquisition of multiple separate products.

Like its structure, Oracle Hyperion’s customer service has become weighty, outdated, and inefficient. The outdated nature of the entire system has rendered it ineffective for today’s growing business demands.

Instead of blindly following Oracle Hyperion’s direction, smart IT and finance entities are considering alternatives. OneStream rises to the top as the answer for the modern business or corporation.

Benefits of the OneStream Transition

OneStream allows its customers to get back to business by unifying all business, accounting, and finance applications. Forecasting, budgeting, and planning are accomplished with ease, and the burden to build, install, integrate, and manage a cumbersome number of applications simply disappears.

OneStream offers more than 50 downloadable domain specific solutions through the OneStream XF MarketPlace, as well as a central data repository and extensive metadata to manage business processes. It’s like an app store on a massive business scale!

How does this translate for the consumer? It comes down to the bottom line: rocketing cash flow, increased autonomy, and an expanded sense of freedom from your CPM software solution.

What About OneStream Software Implementation?

Software deployment is a major factor that can either bolster or harm the progression of a business. Costly, lengthy updates slow or even interrupt business. In response to this challenge, OneStream offers great flexibility.

OneStream empowers each individual customer with multiple deployment options. You will achieve operational independence while still enjoying the advantages of a unified solution.

It is also no surprise that OneStream offers stellar customer service in real-time. Because OneStream was built around efficiency, you will benefit from the ease and speed of receiving the exact support that you need. No more settling for late, ineffective, and misaligned recommendations from legacy CPM software providers.

Work with HollandParker for CPM Implementation Support

Do not let fear of the unknown keep your company in a former business era. If your corporation is still using Oracle Hyperion or SAP for corporate performance management, there is a better solution!

Work with our CPM consulting firm to help smooth out the transition from fragmented, outdated applications to the OneStream XF platform. We support large-scale, global enterprises and midsize companies throughout the entire OneStream implementation process.

Hundreds of major companies, including Toyota, UPS, and Fruit of the Loom Corporation, have taken a bold step into the future by utilizing OneStream’s superior capabilities for managing their finance, accounting, and business needs. Do not get left behind in this ever-changing global business environment.

Contact us today to discuss your corporation’s current CPM platform. We can work with your company and OneStream to migrate to OneStream, a unified platform for today’s modern business needs.