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4 Keys to Successful Financial Software Implementation

As one of the leading OneStream software implementation partners, we are often asked about our keys to success supporting financial software implementation.

First, we believe that successful implementation projects begin with a clear understanding of your people, processes, and technology:

  • Who are your people — and how are they affected by the change? What do they need to support financial decision-making and do their job more effectively?
  • What are your financial processes — and how do these processes need to be improved or changed?
  • What is your existing technology — and how can we enhance your organization’s use of technology to support the business need?

Fortunately, our team has decades of experience solving complex business problems for organizations that are walking through a technology-driven change. By partnering with our firm, we will position your organization for success supporting the needs of your people, processes, technology, and data. Learn more about how we help drive initiatives in your organization with the best time-to-value for our clients.

The Keys to Successful Financial Software Implementation

We recognize that no two organizations are identical. Each financial software implementation project involves its own intricacies tailored to the organization’s unique needs. This level of specificity is necessary to ensure that your organization is able to realize the benefits of migrating to a unified financial platform like OneStream as quickly as possible.

Consider the core tenets of a holistic approach to software implementation.

1. Strategic Approach

Collaborating with our implementation experts, we will work with you to create a tailored strategy for product implementation, training methodologies, establishing new procedures, and troubleshooting issues along the way. Getting it right up front saves tremendous time down the road when it’s time to train users on how to utilize the OneStream platform.

2. Involved Implementation

We follow a thorough, properly conducted implementation process that incorporates feedback from all stakeholders. Our process includes:

  • Outlining essential and desired feature requirements.
  • Optimizing the user experience and interface for your people to support everyday tasks.
  • Helping introduce new processes that align with software functionality.
  • Supporting the change management process.

3. Clear Stakeholder Communication

Communication is the key to success during a digital transformation. We strive for eliminating communication waste by setting clear expectations, helping explain the “why” behind the change, and supporting key leaders in the process of communicating the change across the enterprise. Then, when it’s time to go live, there is universal buy-in to the change.

4. Access to Expert Support

By far, one of the most crucial components of financial software implementations at the enterprise level is having access to expert support personnel. While your organization likely has in-house software experts, supporting and troubleshooting an implementation project of this scale can be overwhelming for the in-house team while also performing other critical duties.

Fortunately, our team has experience in managing the human side of digital transformation, which is an aspect that is often overlooked. We provide OneStream support and training to ensure smooth implementation without wasted effort.

Problems That We Solve During Software Implementation

Change can be difficult. Fortunately, we have walked through the primary challenges associated with new financial software implementation to arrive at a positive outcome for all involved parties. Consider the common problems we solve during implementation:

– Wasted time and resources. Our strategic approach enables us to create a roadmap for success, establish project milestones, and foster effective communication so that everyone’s time is maximized.

– The silo mentality. Many organizations suffer from communication and data silos. This occurs when different stakeholders neglect to share information with other departments, which can drastically extend the process of change management. We strive to break down silos by unifying teams around the change.

– Overdependence on manual processes. We understand that users can be comfortable with manual processes because it provides a feeling of control. We aim to break dependence on unnecessary manual processes, while still supporting the human element by providing users with a clear understanding of how the automation available in OneStream will make their job easier, not more difficult.

– Messy data. In many instances, data transformation is an entire project within the overall implementation project. It can be a serious drain on time and resources for organizations if they have not managed their data well. Fortunately, our experts know how to work with various data sets to create integrations that make it easier to utilize data and turn data into information that can be used across the enterprise.

Streamline Financial Software Implementation with HollandParker

Our team of Diamond-Level OneStream implementation consultants has extensive experience working through numerous challenges that come with migrating to the OneStream platform.

We created an industry-leading implementation framework and we utilize proprietary project accelerators that reduce implementation timelines while addressing all the pitfalls that organizations typically experience throughout the rollout process.

Our implementation framework and project accelerators are built out of years of experience implementing OneStream for a variety of organizations across multiple industries. And, because we are 100% committed to OneStream implementation, all of our company resources are dedicated to optimizing the implementation process for our clients.

We know what it takes to support financial software implementation by maximizing the capabilities of your people, processes, and technology. We won’t waste your time and your team will know exactly what to expect throughout the project timeline.

– To learn more about our capabilities supporting your organization’s migration to OneStream, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We are ready to support your organization’s financial transformation.

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