Task Lists in HFM

In this blog, I will be discussing how to create a task list and also what purpose they serve in HFM. They can be a resourceful tool within the application to help manage your workload and I will explain how in the following paragraph.

A Task List in HFM serves as a folder for documents that you frequently use. This can be helpful for creating a centralized location where you can find everything you need to accomplish the current job. You could set up a task list for the month-end reporting so that it has all the reports necessary to do the monthly reporting. That would keep you from having to go through all of your documents and determine which ones you need every time. The task list keeps them all together, and you can work your way through each one with ease.

To create a new Task List, go into the application documents and select Actions.


From there, you can select which type of documents you want to place in your task list by clicking on Add. First, I put a Data Form into mine.



As you can see here, it has been copied into the task list.


Next, I placed a Data Grid into the task list.



Both the Data Form and Data Grid have been copied into the new task list.


Then, you will need to save the task list so you can have it for future use.


When you go back into the Application Documents, click on Actions again and select Refresh. You have to Refresh the page in order for the newly saved task list to show up.



Whenever you need to run the task list, you can find and open it within the Application Documents.