Finance leader benefits from his organization’s migration to OneStream with support of HollandParker, a leading OneStream implementation partner

Fast-Track Financial Software Implementation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Technology-driven change can be difficult for organizations, especially if you have business units spread across the globe. Breaking dependency on Excel spreadsheets, legacy financial software applications, and manual-entry processes sounds like a daunting task. But, when your organization works with our firm, we work with you to simplify the complexity of change.

The primary way we simplify change is by helping your organization take full advantage of capabilities in the OneStream intelligent finance platform. We support migration to the platform by ensuring 100% customer success through our proven OneStream implementation methodology.

Why are we so confident that OneStream is the right corporate performance management (CPM) platform for your organization? Let us provide you with insight as one of the leading OneStream implementation partners.

Why OneStream to Support Financial Transformation?

OneStream’s emergence as an industry leader in the finance software space in the last few years is clear. OneStream replaces outdated CPM software platforms and spreadsheets with a robust, integrated system that simplifies and optimizes finance.

Beyond simplifying the complexity of finance, OneStream unleashes the true potential of finance by unifying planning, financial close and consolidation, reporting, and analytics through a single, extensible solution. Your organization will gain access to necessary insights that support faster and more informed decision-making. Additionally, the platform is designed to continually evolve and scale with your organization as you grow.

Our approach to OneStream Software implementation is centered on your needs at a technical, business, and personal level. We focus on understanding your organization’s maturity with CPM technologies, current-state challenges, appetite for change across the enterprise, and future-state challenges as you grow and expand into new markets.

Because we are 100% dedicated to OneStream implementation, we understand exactly how to support the business need. This enables us to fast-track implementation to meet your desired timeline for digital transformation.

Consider this step-by-step overview of our comprehensive implementation process, informed by years of experience as a Diamond OneStream Implementation Partner.

7 Steps to Success Implementing OneStream

Step 1. Strategize

As is the case with any large-scale project, financial software implementation begins by evaluating your current state, educating stakeholders on the value of OneStream, and supporting end-users. This requires extensive collaboration on multiple levels — from understanding the high-level vision of your organization to supporting department-level initiatives to developing a project roadmap that connects it all together.

Step 2. Design

The design process is punctuated by the operationalization of desired outcomes. What does optimal financial performance look like in the context of your organization? At this step, we collaborate with various department leaders and stakeholders to determine specific parameters, solutions, and process improvements. This step culminates with the initiation of change management, sign-off on the design scheme, and establishing a project management cadence.

Step 3. Build

The build step is where our technical expertise comes to the forefront. We tailor the various components of the OneStream platform to your specifications. We also focus on updating or replacing existing processes and replacing them with OneStream-driven processes to deliver optimal performance. This is also where the critical process of integrating data silos occurs and when individual components are tested.

Step 4. Test

Testing occurs iteratively throughout the implementation process to ensure that back-end scripts and codes translate into proper financial software functionality. Our team integrates large system components and validates that all features are performing correctly. Before sign-off occurs, all test cases are reviewed to ensure proper functionality before going live.

Step 5. Train

The training stage is where we flourish supporting the human side of OneStream migration. As a OneStream Authorized Training Partner, we put our expertise into practice delivering training documents, user and administrator guides, and instruction to stakeholders and end-users. Our goal is to ensure that your people are aligned with the new processes and technology to ensure successful launch.

Step 6. Launch

Product launch, naturally, is full of hurdles and excitement. We simplify this process by continuing to perform parallel testing as the platform is launched. We support your administrators throughout the transfer of information from legacy software and spreadsheets to the OneStream platform. We also transition end-user support over to our OneSupport offering to make troubleshooting more effective while serving as a natural extension of your team.

Step 7. OneSupport

Our comprehensive OneSupport offering includes managed services, the monitoring and measurement of solutions, and hypercare services delivering immediate post-implementation support across your organization. We provide closely-monitored customer service, data integrity management, and dedicated oversight to ensure that OneStream continues to operate smoothly across the enterprise.

Fast-Track Financial Software Implementation: A Step-by-Step Guide 1

We Utilize Project Accelerators to Fast-Track Implementation

Our OneStream implementation methodology has been validated over and over again working with organizations across multiple industries. But, that’s not all that we’ve developed throughout our experiences in OneStream project delivery.

To truly fast-track OneStream implementation, we use proprietary project accelerators to streamline each implementation project for our clients. The in-house accelerator system that we developed helps meet and even exceed project timelines for clients. Consider the three main benefits of our project accelerators:

  • Data Optimization: Our data treatment process is automated. No need to worry anymore about error-prone processes like manual data entry or data cleaning.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Our accelerators automate numerous processes to improve speed and reduce the number of manual functions required.
  • Consistent Delivery: Most important of all, our results are always the same. We have the resources to consistently address each client’s unique challenges, and we consistently deliver quality service through our commitment to 100% customer success.

Contact Us for OneStream Implementation on Your Timeline

HollandParker has built a proven approach to OneStream implementation that will accelerate migration for your organization, regardless of your industry. It’s what has made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

Our team of experts will work with your timeline to complete the migration in a manner that minimizes disruption and maximizes time-to-value receiving the most benefit from the OneStream platform.

Now is the time to leverage our expertise as one of the premier OneStream implementation partners. We’re ready to support your people, processes, and technology to meet your needs with financial software implementation.

Contact us today to discuss a solution for OneStream implementation.

Fast-Track Financial Software Implementation: A Step-by-Step Guide 2