CFO and Finance team needing to advance from manual processes to OneStream planning and forecasting tools to support decision-making across the enterprise

3 Financial Advantages of OneStream Planning & Forecasting for the Enterprise

CFOs have a remarkable opportunity to add value to their organization by delivering timely and insightful financial data to support decision-making in today’s fast-paced environment. But, many CFOs are handcuffed by legacy technology and processes that cripple their ability to seize this opportunity to provide a deeper level of guidance in their organization.


Despite the clear limitations of spreadsheets, fragmented software, or outdated CPM/EPM solutions, you may find yourself unable to escape these tools. What you need instead is one platform that unites financial consolidation, reporting, analytics, planning, and forecasting. The platform we recommend to CFOs and finance teams is OneStream Software.


OneStream enables financial decision-makers to conquer challenges associated with disconnected CPM processes and tools. No more scrambling to gather data for a board meeting or spending weeks attempting to finalize consolidations and produce reports.


You need the right platform to streamline consolidations, reporting, and related processes so that you can spend time on planning and forecasting to deliver valuable financial insights. This will provide your organization with necessary flexibility and agility to accelerate performance — especially during periods of disruptions and volatility, which was the case during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Why OneStream Planning and Forecasting Tools?

OneStream offers planning and forecasting tools that create many advantages for CFOs. Mainly, the tools enable you to finally leverage the opportunity to become more strategic in how you utilize financial data.


Instead of spending valuable time retrieving data from multiple pieces of software to produce reports, you can now pursue strategic planning and modeling to drive long-term decision-making across the enterprise. Consider the opportunity to utilize the OneStream Software platform to help your organization reach the next level of performance.


1. Unleash the Power of Finance

The OneStream platform removes manual financial processes and introduces automation to streamline and simplify financial consolidations and reporting. Now, you can spend time analyzing the performance of new product innovations or forecasting growth across each business unit, instead of using valuable time on low-value processes.


With all of the data in one environment, you’ll have the ability to dig into the details on-demand when necessary and present this information to stakeholders in their desired format. By simplifying the manual manipulation of data, you can accelerate planning and forecasting to deliver insight in a timely and relevant manner.


Plus, because of built-in drillbacks to the source of financial data, you can be assured of the integrity of the data. No more trying to reconcile multiple versions of the same data. No more questions about whether you’re looking at the second, third, or fourth edition of the same spreadsheet. Instead, you’ll be empowered to perform deeper analysis, be strategic, and support decision-making.


2. Empower the Enterprise

Once you and your team are equipped with the right tools, then you can support the rest of your organization. You’ll be able to deliver greater financial insights to operations and other critical teams by providing information on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.


No more waiting to provide operations with the information they need. When everything is integrated, then operations can make key decisions that support the strategic direction of the company. You’ll also be able to predict changes and communicate the effects of the change with confidence so that your organization can readily adapt before the roadblock presents itself.


Through a more collaborative approach to leveraging financial data, you will be able to push forward with cost-efficient measures that drive down costs and increase profitability. OneStream will enable you to leverage those data-driven insights to build trust across the enterprise to increase organizational value. You will be fully equipped to rise to the challenge of leading your organization through new challenges.


3. Adapt to Change With Flexibility

Markets and industries continue to evolve and change. You need the tools to adapt. OneStream provides you with the flexibility to support growth initiatives, capitalize on new business opportunities, and anticipate challenges that stem from a change to your organization’s business objectives or strategy.


You can leverage the performance capabilities of OneStream to leverage financial data in even more ways without creating more work for you or your team. Because everything is housed in one platform, you can add new applications from the OneStream MarketPlace that will increase business capabilities with zero added complexity.


Now, you can further support planning and forecasting without having to take on the technical debt of disconnected software. OneStream Planning solutions such as Capital Planning, Cash Planning, Predictive Analytics 123, Sales Planning, and Thing Planning provide CFOs and finance teams with the right level of insight to future-proof Finance and navigate each new challenge.


Lead at Speed Through OneStream Planning and Forecasting

The OneStream platform was made with scale and flexibility in mind so that CFOs can conquer complexity and deliver financial insights that are absolutely critical for today’s global organizations.


It’s time to replace legacy applications and spreadsheets that limit flexibility and lack integration with other financial solutions. Leverage the power of OneStream Software and the experience of HollandParker. As a Diamond OneStream Implementation partner, we can help you leverage the power of the platform to support planning, forecasting, and other functions to finally unleash Finance in your organization.


– Interested in learning more? Contact HollandParker for a free consultation to discuss migrating to OneStream. We have the expertise to support your organization’s migration to OneStream, eliminate manual processes, and deliver financial automation.